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About Haibike

The two biggest problems that serious bicycle riders encounter when on an e bike, whether it’s on the road or the trail, is range and torque. If you ride longer than 30 miles with most power systems you run the risk of running out of electricity. And when you’re tackling any hill or mountain, you need enough torque to get to the top. Haibike, the leading manufacturer of electric bikes has solved both of these problems.

High Country E Bikes is your Haibike Dealer in Salt Lake City.

Haibike, a German-manufacturer, has been pioneering electric bicycles since the 90s. High Country E Bikes has the biggest selection of this exceptional brand in the state of Utah.

Why Buy Haibike?

Read this informative article about why you should switch from a conventional mountain bike to one with an electric motor. CLICK HERE to read.

Haibike was the very first company to build electric bikes. They revolutionized the technology and are currently the world leader in developing the best mountain, hybrid, and road bikes with electric motors.

Even big bicycle brands like Trek and Specialized haven’t caught up with Haibike when it comes to manufacturing electric-powered bikes.

Yamaha and Bosch

Haibike bicycles come with Yamaha or Bosch electric motors. High Country E Bikes is a Bosch-certified repair shop of Bosch-power-systems. 

Haibike Power Systems: Powerful Torque-Sensors

Haibike’s motors always have torque-sensors, which provide incredibly intuitive-performance on mountain rides. When you use an e bike with one of these types of sensors, the motors match the force you exert on the pedal. These power-systems provides a sense that you’re riding with bionic legs.

All of the Haibike motors are mid-drive power systems, which puts the weight low and center, ideal for high-performance off-road racing.

LEARN MORE about the Electric Motors in Haibike

Yamaha Motor for E Bikes

Haibike offers two power-system options for its customers–Yamaha and Bosch, which you can find at High Country E Bikes.

Yamaha Motors for Haibike

We love the new PWX motor on the Yamaha. Find out why we love the Yamaha drive-system.

Bosch Motors on Haibikes

Bosch power-system on the XDURO Dwnhll 9.0 in our Salt Lake City shop.

Bosch also has its electric mountain bike fans. We are Bosch-certified to maintain and repair your motors when you purchase a Haibike from us.

XDURO or SDURO, That is the Question

 With Haibike, you’ll see the XDURO and SDURO types of electric bike models.

Inventory in our West Jordan/Taylorsville shop is continually changing. Call us to confirm that we have the model and brand you’re looking for and schedule a time to visit.

Haibikes on Sale

We have many 2016 and 2017 models of our favorite brand of e bike in our Salt Lake City, Utah shop. Check out below, or come visit our store in West Jordan to buy a discounted Haibike.

2018 Models of Haibike at Salt Lake City Dealers

At High Country, we have the largest selection of Haibikes in the state. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will be able to order your choice of model to arrive within a few days.

Downhill E Bikes

Dwnhll Series by Haibike

The ideal e bikes for pro riders who ride downhill is the XDURO Dwnhll line.

XDURO Dwnhll 10.5|2018

XDURO Dwnhll 9.0|2018

Enduro E Bikes

Nduro Series by Haibike

Enduro is one of our favorite style of racing, with downhill portions that aren’t time, and cross-country section. The NDURO line by Haibike is completely rad. Check it out.

XDURO NDURO 10.5|2018

XDURO NDURO 10.0|2018

XDURO NDURO 9.0|2018

XDURO NDURO 8.5|2018

XDURO NDURO 7.0|2018

All Mountain E Bikes

AllMtn Series by Haibike

Similar to Enduro-style bikes, but designed for more all-around riding, the All Mountain style e bikes are our favorite. And the Haibike XDURO AllMtn line of e bikes for 2018 is amazing. You need to test ride to believe it.

XDURO AllMtn 10.0 | 2018

XDURO AllMtn 9.5 | 2018

XDURO AllMtn 9.0 | 2018

XDURO AllMtn 8.0 | 2018

XDURO AllMtn 7.5 | 2018

XDURO AllMtn 6.0 | 2018

FullSeven LT by Haibike

For 2018, Haibike introduced a new model their mountain bike lineup–the ultra-versatile 150mm FullSeven LT (Long Travel) model which gives riders the ability to safely and comfortably tackle more terrain than ever. We currently don’t have this in stock, but we’re happy to order it for you. Visit us or give us a call.

SDURO FullSeven LT 10.0 | 2018

SDURO FullSeven LT 9.5 | 2018

SDURO FullSeven LT 8.0 | 2018

SDURO FullSeven LT 7.5 | 2018

SDURO FullSeven LT 6.0 | 2018

SDURO FullSeven LT 4.0 | 2018

SDURO FullLife LT 7.5 | 2018 | Ladies Electric Mountain Bike

FullSeven Carbon by Haibike

If you want to stand out on the mountain from your other e bike riders, look no further than the carbon frame by Haibike. Combining the light frame you may be used to on a high-performance off-roader, with Haibike’s power-system and top-of-the-line components, these bikes are supernal.

XDURO FullSeven Carbon 10.0 | 2018

XDURO FullSeven Carbon 8.0 | 2018

Fat E Bikes

Fatbikes give you the confidence to explore different terrain and comfortably ride up the mountainside in any conditions. Monster traction gives you the confidence to explore anything you like. When stormy weather hits Utah, the weather won’t keep you down with massive tires that can ride in snow or rain.

SDURO FullFatSix


Trail E Bikes

Trail riding is the type of mountain biking that many beginners and moderate off-roaders understand.

FullSeven Series by Haibike

The FullSeven is the ideal trail rider, with a comfortable rake on your front-end, and suspension on your front and back-end. Buy this with a Yamaha or Bosch motor and there won’t be a hill you can’t climb.

SDURO FullSeven 10.0 | 2018

SDURO FullSeven 9.5 | 2018

SDURO FullSeven 9.0 | 2018

SDURO FullSeven 8.0 | 2018

SDURO FullSeven 7.5 | 2018

SDURO FullSeven 5.0 | 2018

FullLife by Haibike – For Women

Haibike has a special line of trail riding e bikes, built specifically for women. Not only do these exceptional off-road e bikes have adjusted geometry for a woman’s body, they also come in bright exciting colors, our most attractive models.

SDURO FullLife 6.0 Ladies

Cross-Country XC E Bikes

If you’re an endurance athlete, you’ll love cross-country style racing. For training, consider one of these e bikes by Haibike. You can usually get away with a hardtail model of off-road e bike with type riding. The hills aren’t severe enough for full-suspension. And they can also be great commuters.

HardSeven by Haibike

Then new HardSeven line by Haibike is so awesome! They have the best hardtail line in the industry, including a model with plus-size tires.

The Yamaha motors also make great commuters, with extended range and torque-sensors for hills.

SDURO HardSeven Carbon 8.0 | 2018

SDURO HardSeven 4.0

SDURO HardSeven 1.0


Some people prefer to ride on 29-inch wheels. These can be a good choice for light cross-country riding and roads. You’ll get better momentum once rolling. You’ll see more progress for less effort and quicker speeds on open terrain. You’ll see slightly better traction and control when climbing or cornering.

SDURO HardNine 4.0

SDURO HardNine 1.0

HardLife (Women’s Off-Road E Bikes)

Women love the ladies line of hardtail electric bicycles for cross-country riding. They’re also awesome commuters. The Yamaha motor will give you the longest range and battery longevity.

SDURO HardLife 2.0 Ladies

HardFour – Electric Bikes for Kids

The ideal e bikes for kids is the HardFour line-up by Haibike. Your child will stay safe, with a maximum speed of 15-miles an hour. But the torque-sensing motor will help your child keep up with the family on a mountain or road trip.

SDURO HardFour 2.0

SDURO HardFour 4.0 (kids size)


Empty-Nesters enjoying a country ride on the SDURO Trekking models by Haibike.

Hybrids are a popular style of bikes these days. With similar styling to a high-performance mountain bike, but road-friendly features like lights, fenders, and road tires, you’ll love commuting or riding for a fun with a hybrid-style electric bicycle. Haibike’s models are awesome, offering the best range possible for an e bike with a Yamaha motor.

And don’t be afraid to do some light trail riding with a hybrid. The powerful drive-system can make riding on a dirt road easy-peasy.


Structurally similar to Haibike’s off-road e bikes, the Cross series provides the reliability to focus on having a fun bicycle ride. Use the Cross models on gentle terrain, forest tracks, or riding through the city.

SDURO Cross 9.5

SDURO Cross 6.0

SDURO Cross 4.0

SDURO Trekking

The Trekking series come with a relaxed geometry to let you ride upright, comfortably, and safely for long distances. Comes standard with mudguards, side stand, lights, and pannier holders. And we love the Yamaha motors on these hybrid-style e bikes.

SDURO Trekking 9.5

SDURO Trekking 9.0

SDURO Trekking 7.0

SDURO Trekking 6.0

SDURO Trekking 4.0

Urban Plus

Compact Folding Electric Bicycle by Haibike

Haibike offers the best compact commuter with a Yamaha motor on the market. The handlebars and pedals fold in, laying flat in the back of an SUV or Truck. You can slide this in comfortably in your garage, using minimal space. And for commuter who ride longer than 20 miles, you won’t beat the range on the Radius tour.

Haibike Radius tour

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