What’s the Difference Between XDURO and SDURO Models of Haibike Electric Bikes?

Are you confused about the difference between the names, XDURO and SDURO when you examine different models of Haibike? We are too. These are really amazing electric bikes, but understanding the names of the different models of Haibike can be tricky.

Let us try to explain:

Haibike Branding in 2017 and Earlier

Prior to 2018, XDURO means that the Haibike has a Bosch motor. The SDURO models during this time-period have a Yamaha motor. A lot of electric bike enthusiasts prefer one brand of a motor to another.

Brand Change in 2018 for Haibike

XDURO 2018

The XDURO models of e bikes by Haibike now mean “Extreme”–or High-Performance. These are the fastest, highest-torque electric bikes with the best components. XDURO Haibike electric bikes in 2018 are for serious off-road e bikers that want top execution. They can come with either a Bosch or a Yamaha motor, depending on your preference.

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Since the first days of Haibike ePerformance, the XDURO has been the benchmark all electric bikes are compared to for:

  • Innovations
  • Design
  • Performance
  • & Reliability

In 2018, the XDURO line now offers a wider range of cutting-edge options than ever before. They provide a new Bosch powered Intube battery platform. The Yamaha-motored-Haibikes provide the well-known Yamaha PW-X system.

The Haibike XDURO model lineup represents the most extreme, advanced, and high-performance electric bicycles on the planet.

SDURO 2018

Moving forward in 2018 SDURO now means “Sporty.” These are also great bikes, perfect for the new electric mountain biker or occasional off-road cyclist who wants to own a superior e bicycle. The SDURO models now can come with Bosch or Yamaha electric motors.

2018 Haibike SDURO FullSeven 10.0

Haibike’s goal with the new SDURO-class is to open up the world of sporty innovative ePerformance bikes to a wider range of riders. By offering comfort, and quality, the Haibike brand of electric bikes are always the leaders in all classes, with performance-levels at a variety of price-points.

New for 2018 is Haibike’s FullSeven LT (Long Travel) series of single-track smoothing 150 mm travel eMTB’s, offered with a range of different motors and specs.

Haibike’s sporty full-suspension Seven Series provides nimble 27.5″ wheels for light to medium terrain. The SDURO class also offers the biggest choice of great all-around sporty-hard-tails on the market–great for casual mountain riders looking for some adventure.

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