8 Reasons to Use Electric Mountain Bikes in Utah!

Everything is better on the Utah mountain with an electric motor. That’s right. I said it.

Everything is better!

For a long time, hardcore mountain bikers took a purist point-of-view regarding the new electric power systems available to them. The technology has been progressing over the last two decades. Now, high-performance, competitive bikers, like our sponsored Utah pro, Kurtis Downs, have to confess: Electric-motor-powered bikes enhance everything you want to do on the mountain trail.

Enduro and Downhill Electric Mountain Bikes at High Country E Bikes.

1. Do Everything You Want, But Better

When digital cameras first came on the scene, there was a lot of boohooing from traditional photographers and cinematographers regarding the new technology. But more and more, as the technology improved, professionals found significant advantages to digital cameras. And as we’ve seen, digital cameras have become the dominant technology, destroying iconic brands like Kodak, because the benefits of the digital technology outweighed any perceived disadvantages.

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Electric motors for bicycles have progressed in much the same way as digital cameras. For any mountain bike racing style, there’s going to be uphill portions of the ride. With an electric mountain bike, you will always go faster on those portions--You’ll hit jumps more quickly, go farther, and higher.

Electric mountain bikes make the experience of riding an electric bike more exciting, more fun, and more effective at making you a better off-road rider.

2. Ride up any Utah Mountain to Enjoy the Downhill

If you’re looking for tough downhill biking locations here in this gorgeous state, you have to find ways to get up the hill. Many riders in ski areas take the lift. Sometimes enthusiasts will drive their cars up to the top of the mountain and ride down, having left a car at the bottom.

When your mountain bike has an electric motor, there’s no need for ski-lifts or driving your car to the top of the hill. Merely push yourself up the mountain at maximum torque.

3. It Feels Like You’re Doing all the Work

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Serious athletes may be resistant to the idea of using an electric motor on their mountain bike. After all, isn’t the point to get some exercise? But when you use an electric bicycle by a brand like Haibike, with a Yamaha or Bosch motor, the experience is seamless. As you add more force to the pedals, as you adjust the gears, you’re going to get the torque you need for doing whatever you want to do.

The torque sensors on these motors improve your performance and endurance in a natural way. Riding these electric mountain bikes is like taking drugs, without any of the adverse side effects.

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Torque Sensors Make for Intuitive Riding Experience

Simpler e bikes made for the road usually have hub-motors with cadence sensors, which aren’t as intuitive. Surprisingly we typically get a stronger reaction from customers when they first ride these bicycles. They feel an immediate boost when they begin to pedal.

The torque sensors on the mountain bikes are so smart; it’s hard to notice you’re getting a boost on the lower pedal-assist settings. It isn’t until you get out on a mountain or you’re hitting a crazy-steep hill when you notice the incredible value of a torque sensor. Then your Yamaha or Bosch electric motor is money!

4. Go Farther with an Electric Motor

Bosch Electric Motor for E Bikes on the 2017 XDURO FullSeven 6.0. LEARN MORE

On a typical mountain bike, you’re always a little concerned about your energy level. You’re making small compromises throughout the journey to keep yourself going. So, you don’t try those impossible hills. You stop yourself before you’re truly exhausted and can’t go any farther.

Electric bicycles, however, change the equation. They act in the same way a spotter helps a weightlifter. You can always push out one more rep when you know someone will catch the bar when you fail.

With an electric motor, you will increase the overall distance of your average ride, by a lot. You will tackle parts of the mountain you wouldn’t attempt on a conventional bike.

5. Ride Longer with an Electric Motor on Your Off-Road E Bike

When you use an e bike, you stay out longer. A 5-hour journey on an electric bicycle feels like a 2-hour ride on a traditional bike. So, imagine all those incredible extra experiences you’ll have when you switch to an electric motor.

Who said you couldn't have too much of a good thing?

6. Develop Your Skillset

Paul Bolton on the Haibike XDURO AllMtn - Training for enduro mountain biking.

Developing as a mountain biker isn’t all about muscle mass and endurance. It’s about balance. It’s about increasing your brain’s ability to process information. It’s about developing skills. Executing harder off-road e biking activities, for a more extended period, will make you a better rider.

As enduro-professional, Paul Bolton says:

“Is doing it 5 times instead of 2 times cheating?”

At the highest level of mountain bike performance, improving is all about mastering the technical aspects. It's for this reason professional riders are converting to e bikes--They can train harder and longer with an electric motor on their mountain bike.

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7. Increase Your Confidence

One of the most significant factors of riding a bike is confidence. When you were a child, learning to balance and ride a bicycle, your realized if you kept pushing the pedals, you’d stay up. This belief manifests in an ability to ride a bike.

E bikes function the same way. They increase your confidence. They allow you to take a bike anywhere and everywhere. You will push yourself harder. Your dreams will become a reality.

8. Ride with Anyone!

Couple Mountain Bikes with Electric Haibike-brand bicycles

In a perfect world, we’d all have endless power and endurance, giving everyone the opportunity to mountain bike with any of their friends, family members, or significant others. But in the real-world injuries happens, and some people are stronger than others. It can be enormously frustrating for anyone who wants to travel the mountain with a more advanced rider and equally unsatisfying for the stronger athlete who wants to hit the hill with a friend who can’t keep up.

Ride as a Couple

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We sell a lot of e bikes to couples. It’s especially exciting seeing older couples, who can enjoy their retirement years mountain biking together. Illnesses and injuries won’t keep you from getting the exercise you want.

Even when both partners are in ideal shape, men and women love riding together with electric motors.

The Great Equalizer

Even if you’re in tip-top-shape, like the highest-performance athletes, you’re going to find you can do more on a mountain bike. And if you happen to be friends or partners with one of these mega-competitive riders, you’ll be able to participate in this great outdoor sport with anyone.

Electric bikes are the great equalizer, allowing everyone in Utah access to this excellent pastime.


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