New York City Reverses Ban on Electric Bikes

new york city e bike ban
One of the most disconcerting news in recent time for e bike lovers has been the ban on electric boosted bikes in New York City. As the biggest urban center in the world, and one of the critical trend-setting towns in the U.S., e bike fans have been worried this law would become a national trend.

Thankfully, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an exciting new policy Tuesday, April 3, 2018. E bikes are now be allowed in the Big Apple.

Pedelecs Still Restricted

New York City still bans Class 3 Speed Pedelecs–cycles with a maximum speed of 28-mph. But those who ride bicycles with an electric-boosted speed no more than 20-mph are now legalized.

Many delivery drivers for city businesses choose electric bikes like this Yuba cargo bike. A conflict between the Mayor of New York City and thousands of workers emerged.

Professional Bicycle Riders

The reversal of the ban is excellent news for the thousands of residents in New York who rely on electric motors for their livelihood:

“60 percent of the city’s 50,000 delivery cyclists continued to ride an e-bike despite its illegality.”

– Mashable

As history demonstrates, it’s hard to enforce a rampantly disobeyed law. New York City wasn’t willing to invest in the enforcement necessary to completely restrict e bikes.

Growing Popularity of Electric Bikes

The e bike industry is gaining serious traction on this issue. Experts estimate the entire sector will reach $19 billion by 2022. Sales have tripled since 2015. We’re entering a magic moment where the technology is becoming mainstream in the United States, as more and Utah customers come into our e bike shop ready to invest.

E Bikes Good for the Environment

There’s a political component to this issue as well. Progressive states like California and Washington have accepted e bike technology and added laws to enforce them. With a growing interest in the environment, many consumers are trying to avoid gas-guzzling automobiles.

Urban Centers Embracing Technology

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Urbanization continues to spread across the globe, making the need for traditional cars less pertinent. Electric bicycles are a great transportation option for city-dwellers.


Even conservative, suburb-dominant cities like Salt Lake City, Utah are seeing an increase in urbanized neighborhoods, with increased use of bicycles, e bikes, and mass-transit.

Why Did New York Oppose Electric Bikes in the First Place?

It’s surprising! Why would a liberally-slanted city like New York City be opposed to an emerging, popular, environmentally-friendly technology? We believe electric bikes will not only overtake traditional bicycles but become a significant form of transportation for commuters and city-dwellers in the next ten years.

Do E Bikes Promote Reckless Riding?

The NYPD seized 687 electric bikes in 2017. There has been a negative perception in New York City about e bike riders. Many believe electric bicycle riders are low-wage delivery workers, heedlessly using motors to increase their speed and improve their income.

New York City has been trying to reduce all traffic deaths. Any reckless driving of any vehicle has become a target by one of the world’s most dangerous cities for transit.

Cities Should Promote Electric Bikes through Laws and Bike Lanes

In our view, the question is not a matter of if e bike technology will become dominant, and more a matter of when. The future is now. Electric bikes are one of the best, most fun, most energy-efficient modes of transportation. And with more and more Utah families investing in solar technology for their homes, powering their electric bikes at home provides a smart and sustainable mode of travel into the future.

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E Bikes Can Be Affordable

More and more individuals and families are struggling to keep up the with the Jones in the United States financially. Many are rejecting the consumer mentality dominating U.S society for many years. Nothing eats money faster than a car. You see payments, interest, gasoline, car insurance—the list goes on and on.

E Bikes provide a legitimate transportation option for consumers who want to avoid the excessive expenses of a gas-guzzler.

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Cities Should Invest in Electric Bike Infrastructure

The more states and towns invest in freeways and roads, the more they promote car use. The more they build city trails, bike lanes, and bike-friendly public transportation, the more they encourage e bike use. Would you prefer e bike or automobile travel to become the dominant urban technology in the 21st Century?

Smart public policies should advance intelligent energy use, as well as promote healthy activity.

What does this change in policy in New York City mean for other cities? It makes it easier for other cities and states to create pro-electric bicycle policies for their municipalities. It also warns cities may be thinking of banning e bikes as New York City did. This is a losing political strategy.

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