Hybrid Electric Bicycles for Easy Salt Lake City, Utah Riding

I’m sure you’ve seen electric bicycles these days. Hybrid models combine the best road bikes features with mountain biking technology, equipping the casual rider or commuter with a comfortable and fun experience. At High Country E Bikes we have several great options for people looking for a hybrid-style bicycle with an electric motor.

If you know that you’ll be riding a lot on the street, paved trails like the Jordan River Trail here in Salt Lake City, or light off-road riding. Hybrids often come with mid-drive motors that give you the torque you need for tough hills. And you’ll often see some amount of suspension to create a more comfortable riding experience.

The iZip E3 Moda hybrid electric bike offers a superior range with its German-made Brose motor.

Hybrids tend to have narrower tires than, less tread, and fenders, to make road riding more convenient and protect you from puddles and mud.

iZip Hybrids

iZip E3 Dash

One of our most highly recommended hybrid models the Dash. It comes in both a step-over and step-thru, with a mid-drive Currie motor, this pedelec can go as fast as 28-mph. Comes standard with pedal-assist. A pedal-free-throttle is an optional add-on.

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iZip E3 Protour

iZip E3 Protour commuter in Salt Lake City

This Class 3 pedelec offers 28-mph pedal-assist with it’s high-performance mid-drive Currie Motor. This hybrid e bike offers a COBI Smartphone Advanced System, making it a unique street-friendly model option for the high-tech consumer.

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iZip E3 Moda

This is a really great looking big-tire hybrid bike. In cool grey, with bright orange branding, the Moda comes with a German-made, Class-3 Brose motor with integrated 504W battery pack, delivering 28-mph pedal-assisted top speed and unparalleled range.

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iZip is a great brand to choose when searching for a hybrid electric bike in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Haibike Hybrid Bicycles

Haibike SDURO HardNine Street 4.5

Haibike SDURO Street 4.5 2017. Buy Electric Road Bikes in Utah.

This is an ideal hybrid if you’re looking for a Yamaha motor with a torque sensor on your hybrid. This is a more intuitive motor than you’ll find on a Currie or hub-drive power system. This is also the ideal commuter for someone with a trip longer than 20 miles. You’ll get a lot more range with the Yamaha motor, able to go as long as far as 85 miles on a trip before needing to recharge. This reduces the number of charges that you’ll need to make, extending the life of the battery.

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Haibike is the top brand of electric bikes. We love selling Haibikes to our customers because we know they’re going to be thrilled by their experience.

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In addition to these top hybrid models of electric bicycles that we currently have in stock at High Country E Bikes, we also can special order many 2018 models of the best hybrid models from the world’s top brands like Haibike and iZip. Come see us or give us a call in Salt Lake City, Utah today.

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