The Haibike Radius tour Offers the Ideal Compact Commuter

We love the new 2018 Haibike Radius tour, the most exciting compact e bike in the world. What we're particularly stoked about is the Yamaha torque-sensing motor, giving it superb performance on hills and long commutes.

So often customers come in with commutes longer than 20-miles one way. If you're looking for a compact commuter bike you won't have to charge at the office, this is the e bike for you.

Increased Range on the Yamaha Power-System

This can be a problem on a typical e bike. Many have a range of 15-30 miles. They may be able to charge their bike while in the office. But the biggest disadvantage is you're doubling the number of charges needed. The battery will begin to lose it's charging capacity twice as quickly.

Yamaha PW motor on the Haibike Radius tour, one of the best features on this folding commuter e bike. CLICK TO enlarge image.

You'll get a much larger range with the motor on the Radius tour. This is not only convenient, but it reduces the number of charges needed, extending the battery life.

And the torque sensor is also enormously helpful if you have hills on your ride. You essentially have a mountain-bike-quality motor on a commuter.

There are only two disadvantages to this electric bicycle. Its maximum assist speed is 20-mph. Going faster will require increased pedaling. And this bike does not come with, nor can we add on a pedal-free throttle.

If you want a throttle on your e bike, you may want to look at the Magnum Premium 48.

Folding Features

This e bike's frame doesn't fold as other types of bicycles you may see on the market, like our other folding electric bicycles. However, it's compact frame, adjustable handlebars, and folding pedals, allow this bike to lay flat. It will fit in the backseat of a car or in the bed of a hatchback.


The Yamaha motor will produce about twice the range as other comparable models. You'll be able to ride (depending on the conditions and the amount of pedal-assist used) up to 100 miles with this amazing bicycle.

The front fender on the Radius tour by Haibike.

Intuitive Riding Conditions

Folding pedals on the electric road commuter by Haibike. SEE LARGER image here.

The torque-sensing power system is also intuitive, creating a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Many road bikes have motors with cadence sensors, which can feel a bit abrupt. This motor produces a more instinctual sensation for riders.

Speed and Class

Front wheels on Class 1: Pedal-Assist E Bike. CLICK HERE to enlarge the image.

This is a pedal-assist-only e bike. It's also considered a Class 1 electric bike, capable of 20-mph.

If you're looking for a faster electric bike, consider buying a Hybrid Class 3 Pedelec or the Magnum Premium 48.

Motor Interface

The centerpiece of the Haibike Radius tour's frame's motor interface. At this connection-point, many vital functions come together:

  • Engine-mount
  • Swing-arm
  • Shock-mounts
  • The battery
  • Downtube connection

The more stable the interface, the more secure you'll sense the entire frame functions.

The Casting Process

Quick release on the front handlebars reduces the size of the Radius tour in Salt Lake City e bike store. CLICK HERE to see an image.

In 2010 Haibike began using a casting process from the motorcycle industry called gravity casting. Negative molds are created from compressed sand, filled with aluminum-zinc alloy, and then rotated along precisely calculated axes.

Thanks to gravity, there is uniform thickness throughout the casting.

Light, Stable, and Precise

The raw-cast-aluminum parts are controlled by X-ray analysis. Haibike then reworks the parts in a digital process, ensuring a consistently high-level of precision. The end result is a low-weight interface containing a high level of strength.

Yamaha PW Drive Unit

The Yamaha PW unit has been proven to be an exceptionally powerful and reliable motor. Thanks to its Zero-Cadence system, it supports the rider from the first revolution of the crank.

As one of the few motors available allowing a dual chainring, the 500-watt Yamaha system is able to offer a broad range of gears, providing more gear options. This power-system provides a high maximum torque of up to 80Nm. Its compact size and low noise make the PW one of the best electric bike motors for road use.


Yamaha Lithium-Ion, 500 Watt-hours

Yamaha Multifunction LCD Display

Information Available Includes:

  • Selection and display of the support levels (Off, Eco +, Eco, Standard, High)
  • Battery-charging level
  • Remaining range
  • Current
  • Average and maximum speed
  • Daily and total distance traveled
  • Time
  • The current support-level
  • The light on the bicycle can be switched on and off via remote



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