What Is an E Bike?

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E bikes or electric bicycles as they are commonly called are the newest innovation in cycle technology. They have the same basic design of a traditional bicycle, but they have a small motor that gives additional thrust. And they are often built with a stronger frame to account for higher functionality.


They have two main functions:


A small motor on the e bike assists the rider as he or she pedals. This can help the rider in two ways, depending on the type of bicycle:

  1. Increased speed. This is the primary function of e bikes designed for riding on roads. Street bikes with electric-drive-systems typically have hub motors, which are located on the back wheel.
  2. Increased torque. Electric mountain bikes and delivery bikes are designed to provide extra torque for climbing steep hills or pulling loads. They usually have mid-drive motors, located at the pedals, with gearing on the back wheel that provides extra options for riding in difficult conditions.


Some e bikes have a throttle that will function without the rider having to pedal. You set the speed you want, and press a lever on the handlebars which gives you independent thrust.

Often electric bicycles with throttles are street bikes with hub motors. But there’s increasing variety and options.

Some really fast electric bicycles, like those designed by HPC and Vintage Electric, are throttle-only e bikes. But many have both throttle and pedal assist.

Are Electric Bicycles Cheating?

When e bikes first came on the scene, the bicycle traditionalists felt like using an electric-assist was cheating the user of the health benefits of riding a bike. But attitudes about the technology are changing, even amongst the purists in the industry.


Because e bikes are AWESOME!

E Bikes Change the Bicycle Riding Experience!

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Users of electric bikes discover something amazing about this interesting vehicle–


When you ride an e bike you feel like you’re superhuman, with bionic legs. Ride a little faster on a long road. Or get a little more torque going up a hill. E Bikes change the entire bicycle riding experience.

E Bike Owners Actually Use Them

Studies have found that most owners of traditional bikes don’t use them on a regular basis.

“About 100 million Americans bike each year, but only about 14 million bike at least twice a week”

When you buy an electric bike, you find that you love riding it a lot. It doesn’t stay in the garage for long.

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You come home after a long day of work. Your kids want to go for a ride. But you’re tired.

You simply increase the pedal assist to make the experience easier.

You’re on a long ride and you get really tired. This fun ride is no longer fun. You can just use the throttle and ride home without effort.

You’re mountain biking and you hit a huge impossible hill. EASY PEASY with an e bike. You’ll climb that mountain like a pro.

You need to ride your electric commuter bicycle home from work and it’s terrible weather. No problem. Your ride can be as difficult or easy as you want with an e bike commuter.

People with e bikes get more exercise than many people with traditional bicycles because they use them regularly.

And with the growing concern over the environmental and the financial cost of automobiles, many Americans are choosing an e bike as a viable means of transportation. Electric bicycles can be a useful solution.

Who Uses Electric Bikes?

Whether you’re a commuter, high-terrain competitive mountain biker, recovering from an injury, trying to improve your heart health, or a recreational cyclist, there’s an e bike for you.

Electric Bikes for Rehab

Many of our customers at High Country Electric Bikes are recovering from knee injuries, heart surgery, or elderly individuals that want to live a more active life.

E bikes are a great way of adjusting to a regular exercise program with bicycles, while making it fun and enjoyable.

E Bikes for Fun

Even more advanced bicycle riders are falling in love with the electric bicycle technology. They can climb hills and ride faster in circumstances that would have been impossible in the past. All it takes is one test-ride to understand why these are growing in popularity.

Electric Bikes for Lifestyle

Many e bike riders really want a cruiser bike with certain aesthetic qualities, similar to the Harley Davidson movement. The hand-manufactured retro-styled Vintage Electric offers a hip-looking bike riding experience that will wow your friends. And boy are they fast!

What’s the Best Way to Buy Electric Bicycles?

E bikes are more expensive than traditional bikes. The motor alone adds a significant expense. And electric bicycles need to be stronger, with a more durable frame and higher quality components. They need to manage the extra speed and torque.

Some people try to find ways to save cost with an electric bike purchase. They may buy a kit to convert their traditional bike. They might buy a bike on Amazon or big box stores like Walmart.

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You Get What You Pay For!

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If you’re going to make the investment in an electric bicycle, we strongly encourage our customers at High Country E Bikes, LLC to do it correctly from the beginning.

Buy from an E Bike-Specialist Shop in Salt Lake City

Purchase your e bike from a Salt Lake City shop that specializes in this technology. When you need maintenance on your electric bicycle you want to trust that you’ll be able to find a bike mechanic that you can easily take your bike to that knows what he or she is doing.

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How Much do Electric Bikes Cost?

We have starter e bikes at just under $2,000.

For high-adventure in the great outdoors we often recommend German e bike manufactured mountain bikes by Haibike that can be anywhere between $2,000 and $7,000.

We sell a lot of Zuma by iZip that retail at $2,499.

For advanced electric bicycle riders, we carry Hi-Power Cycles that can go as fast 70 miles an hour with prices that approach $20,000.

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Utah’s Best Selection of Electric Bicycles!

Whatever you’re looking for, whatever your needs or interests, the electric bicycle-pros at High Country Electric Bikes will find the right ride for you, at the right price.

Come test ride an e bike today and find out what all the buzz is about.