Haibike Models

Spring is soon upon us here in Salt Lake City, Utah, and new 2018 models of Haibike are coming into High Country E Bikes. Because of this, we're putting a lot of the 2016 ad 2017 Haibikes on sale at crazy-low prices for these amazing electric-boosted bicycles. Come in and see us today to find a killer deal on one of these high-performance e bikes.

If you're considering purchasing electric mountain bikes, buying last year's model can get you the best price on the best possible e bike.

2016 Models of Haibike on Clearance

Time is running out on these amazing 2016 models of Haibike that we were able to get on discount from the manufacturer. Find an incredible deal on a great off-roading e bike.

Haibike SDURO AllMtn Pro | 2016

    Haibike 2016 SDURO All Mountain PRO. Buy this immediately while supplies last.
  • 500-watt Yamaha motor with torque sensor.
  • 400-watt-hour battery.
  • Intuitive mid-drive system.
  • Full-Suspension.
  • All-Mountain Racing style provides high-performance options for serious mountain bikers.


2017 Haibike Models to Buy in Salt Lake

We still have a lot of 2017 models in stock at High Country E Bikes. We've been able to get good prices on these from the manufacturer, meaning that we pass some of that savings onto our many Utah customers.

Haibike AllMtn for All-Mountain Biking

SDURO AllMtn 5.0 | 2017

Haibike 2017 SDURO All Mountain 5.0. CLICK HERE to see larger image.

SDURO AllMtn 6.5| 2017

XDURO AllMtn 8.0 | 2017

Haibike XDURO All Mountain 8.0 2017 (Salt Lake City). CLICK to enlarge.

Fat Tire Electric Bikes by Haibike

SDURO FullFatSix 7.0 | 2017

Haibike 2017 SDURO FullFatSix 7.0. CLICK to see larger image.

XDURO FatSix Hardtail 6.0 | 2017

Haibike 2017 XDURO FatSix 6.0. CLICK to enlarge.

Kids Trail Bike

SDURO HardFour 4.0 | 2017

Haibike 2017 SDURO HardFour 4.0. CLICK to enlarge.

Cross Country/Trail Riding with Haibike

XDURO FullSeven 5.0 | 2017

Haibike 2017 XDURO FullSeven 5.0. CLICK HERE to see larger image.

XDURO FullSeven 6.0 | 2017

Haibike 2017 XDURO FullSeven 6.0. CLICK to enlarge. 

SDURO FullSeven 8.0 | 2017

Haibike 2017 SDURO FullSeven 8.0. CLICK to enlarge.

XDURO FullSeven Carbon 8.0 | 2017

Carbon-Frame High-Performance Electric-Powered Bicycles by Haibike. SEE larger image HERE.


SDURO HardSeven 6.0 | 2017

Haibike 2017 SDURO HardSeven 6.0. CLICK to enlarge.

SDURO HardSeven 4.0 | 2017

Haibike 2017 SDURO HardSeven 4.0. CLICK HERE to see larger image.

SDURO FullNine 6.0 | 2017

Haibike 2017 SDURO FullNine 6.0. CLICK to enlarge.

SDURO FullNine 6.5 | 2017

Haibike 2017 SDURO FullNine 6.5. CLICK HERE to see larger image.

SDURO HardLife 4.0 (Women's Electric Mountain Bike) | 2017

Haibike 2017 SDURO HardLife 4.0. CLICK HERE to see larger image.

Buy Haibikes on Sale TODAY!

Our selection at High Country E Bikes is constantly changing. If you don't see what you're looking for, call us and see how we can help you. Our electric bike specialists can usually find the exact bike that you want, with a deal that makes you love your new e bike even more.



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