Best Commuter Electric Bikes to Buy in Utah

Whether you're looking for a folding model of e bike, a hybrid, or you're going to be tackling a long commute with a more basic mountain electric bike, we have the best commuter ebikes to choose from here in Utah.

No matter what you choose, the most important issue to first consider is how far you'll be commuting every day. If you're going less than 10 miles or so, just about any ebike should work well for you. But if you go longer, you have various options to consider:

Best Hybrid for Long Commute

If your trip is 20 or more one way, you may want to choose the hybrid-style iZip E3 Moda with a 250-watt Brose motor. This 500 watt-hour battery has a range of 35-80 miles. And it's a Class 3: Pedelec, meaning that it can travel as fast as 28-mph.


Why You'd Want to Commute with Cross Country Mountain Bike

The other option to choose from a cross country-style Haibike mountain bicycle and choose accessories (seat, handlebars, lights, racks, and wheel size) like you'd see on a hybrid. Making those adjustments can create an amazing commuter.

Haibike 2017 SDURO HardSeven 4.0

The big advantage of using a Haibike-brand e bike as a commuter is that many come with Yamaha motors. We see that these motors provide almost twice the range as a Bosch. And with the torque sensor motors, these commuters can be ideal if you encounter hills on your journey.

The big advantage to buying a commuter e bike with a Yamaha motor is that you won't have to charge the bike while you're at work. This might not seem like a big deal if you have the option of removing the battery and charging it in your office or cubicle. But the big consideration is that these lithium-ion batteries last about 600-800 charges before they begin to lose their charging compacity. So if you can avoid that extra charge, you'll get twice the life on your battery with a Yamaha motor.

iZip E3 Peak Plus

iZip E3 Peak Plus is an awesome plus-tire electric mountain bike with a hardtail.

If you're commuting in Utah year-round and want a plus-size tire e bike that can handle rain and snow, consider this lower-cost electric mountain bike by iZip.


iZip E3 Dash

One of our most popular hybrid e bikes is the Dash. With a silver step over and lime-green step thru, this mid-drive Currie motor should give you the torque you need for most city hills. You'll get 16 to 35 mi. on a charge, so you'll want to be careful when choosing this e bike as a commuter. For shorter commutes, these can be ideal.

You have the option to add a pedal-free-throttle to the iZip E3 Dash. Just remember that when you use a throttle you'll drain your battery more quickly.

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iZip E3 Protour

iZip E3 Protour in Salt Lake City

Another hybrid e bike with Currie mid-drive motor is the Protour. Like the Dash, you'll get 16 mi to 35 mi, so be mindful of your commuting needs. What sets this apart from the Dash is that it's set up with the COBI Smartphone system, which allows you to manage your bicycle's electric functionality from your mobile phone.

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Magnum Metro

Magnum Metro road bike can be purchased today at our Salt Lake City e bike shop.

With a range of 30-60 miles per charge, this is one of our most popular hub-drive road bikes at High Country E Bikes. It comes with both a pedal-assist and throttle and can ride as fast as 28-mph.

This is the ideal commuter for someone who wants to sit straight-up, with a very comfortable suspension seat, and front suspension. It also has popular adjustable handlebars.

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Magnum Premium 48

Magnum Premium 48 (Folding E Bike) in Salt Lake City.

Customers are amazed at how fast this little folding e bike is by Magnum Bikes. This is by far our most compact bicycle. And with a 500-watt hub motor, this is powerful. At $2,000, this is a fabulous value for what you get with this Salt Lake City-based e bike brand.

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Haibike Radius tour - Best Commuter in Utah

The Haibike Radius Tour is one of the best commuters on the market. CLICK HERE to enlarge the image.

We are so excited to now offer the Haibike Radius. This folds up flat, making it convenient for throwing in the back of a truck or SUV. And you can't beat it's Yamaha motor with torque sensing. On a flat road, you'll go as far as 100 miles on this incredible commuter.

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Find an Amazing Electric Commuter Bike Today

We have the biggest selection of e bikes in Utah. We'll help educate you on the various pros and cons of each model of commuter, and help you find the top brand and best type that fits your needs. Commuting in the Salt Lake City area can be a delight, helping you exercise and enjoy your journey to work.

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