Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycles | Ride in Style and Ease in Utah

At High Country E Bikes we carry many fantastic beach cruiser style electric bikes. Find the right cruiser for you in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our inventory at our Utah shop is continually changing. We always have e bikes on sale. Call us to find the right cruiser-style e bike you want, at a price you can afford.

Raleigh Beach Cruisers E Bikes in Utah

Raleigh Retroglide IE 2017


Raleigh Retroglide IE 2018

LEARN MORE about the Raleigh Retroglide Cruiser

Magnum Bikes

Magnum is a new brand, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. We've been selling a lot of these less expensive e bikes and our customers have loved them.

LEARN MORE about Magnum Bikes

Magnum Cruiser Ci5

LEARN MORE about the Magnum Electric Cruiser

Vintage Electric Cruisers for Salt Lake City Cycling

Vintage Electric Cafe

FIND OUT more information on the Cafe

Vintage Electric Scrambler

LEARN MORE about the Scrambler

Vintage Electric Tracker

LEARN about and buy the Tracker

Vintage Electric Cruz

MORE about the Cruz

iZip Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes to Buy in Utah Store

iZip E3 Zuma 2017

Do you see what you're looking for here on our cruiser-page? If not, give us a call at High Country E Bikes in Utah, and we'll find beach cruiser-style e bike from one of our select-manufacturers that works for you. We can customize many bikes with the right components to help you have the most comfortable and stylish ride.

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