Are Electric Bikes Good?

Every new technology comes with its naysayers. You’re likely to hear mixed opinions about e bikes. New York City, which previously banned electric bikes from their city streets finally relented to the thousands of loyal users who were blatantly breaking the law out of protest.
Are Electric Bikes Good

Electric bicycles are growing in popularity in the city and on the trail.

This raises the inevitable question. Are e bikes good? The answer is a resounding yes.

First, let’s consider the question of health:

Are Electric Bikes Good for You? 8 Reasons!

Bicycle riders use their e bikes more than traditional bicycle owners. So not only do they tend to get more exercise—they have more fun while doing it.

  1. As we age, we have times of poor health and injury. With an electric bike, we can consistently remain active at whatever level we are capable of at the time.
  2. Riding in a group is fun. But there are usually stronger and weaker riders, making it less fun for everyone. Electric bikes allow couples to ride together under all conditions. And a friend of a pro-level rider can usually keep up with the friend.
  3. Electric bikes help you develop your skills more quickly. Although you never forget how to ride a bike, it is a skill you can improve with time and practice. Mature riders are stronger and capable of riding on tricky terrain. With an e bike, you usually ride for longer, receiving better exercise and developing more balance.
  4. As we age, exercise becomes more challenging. If it isn’t fun, if it doesn’t allow us to enjoy getting sunshine and experiencing the beauties of our environment, we’re unlikely to do it. The world is filled with unused gym memberships. Gyms are boring. Riding a bike out in the wilderness or through your neighborhood is fun.
  5. Riders often choose to ride the iZip E3 GO ETRIKE providing exercise, balance, and strength.

    E Bikes are helpful to preserving our mental health. Regular exercise, especially outside activities, provide the needed Vitamin D, can help regulate mood and prevent depression, anxiety, and other negative emotional conditions.

  6. Electric bicycles eliminate the fear of taking a long ride and becoming stuck due to weariness, illness, or injury.
  7. Bicycle riding strengthens your core muscles and spine. As people enter their later years in life, essential functions like getting out of bed, lifting up from a chair, or transporting around the bathroom can be ever challenging with weaker core muscles. E bikes help minimize these effects. Even riding an electric trike is better than not riding at all. The act of sitting up and pedaling will usually improve quality of life for any individual.
  8. More riding; Less time. We all struggle to find enough time to exercise. An electric bicycle makes short rides more meaningful. We can reduce the time needed to ride a favorite trail to less than an hour. Downhill riding can require less time. You don’t have to ride up a ski lift and transport your bike by truck. And a quick ride around the neighborhood is better than not riding at all. When you feel tired at the end of a long day, you’ll be more likely to ride with an e bike.

Other Questions to Consider:

Are Electric Bikes Too Easy?


Even older riders can be confident they’ll be able to tackle any adventure, whether mountain biking or on the street.

The power-systems on e bikes now provide a fantastic range. If you’re riding with pedal-assist, you’ll likely experience anywhere between 30 and 100 miles, depending on the type of bike you’ve chosen. Boosted power bikes are designed to last longer than the typical rider can manage in a day, meaning you’ll run out of juice before your e bike does. You’ll be able to ride for 5 hours instead of 2. Try riding an e bike for 5 hours and tell us if you’re not tired.

Are E Bikes Cheating?

You’ll hear purists shouting at electric bike riders as they ride by in their sponsored attire–“Cheater!”

But this point of view stems from ignorance of e bike technology rather than an educated understanding of how they work. More and more traditional bike riders, including pro mountain riders, are realizing the enormous advantages of e bikes. They’re better for your health and more fun. How is that cheating?

Are Electric Boosted Bikes Good for the Environment?

Many riders are concerned about the effects of electric bike technology on the environment. But considering the fact they function similarly to conventional bikes, at the same speeds, it’s hard to make the case stick.
  1. E bikes use sustainable forms of energy rather than fossil fuels, like cars and motorcycles.
  2. Electric bicycles have little to no emissions.
  3. Most trail and road bikes are street legal. You cannot ride faster than a typical bicycle under the same conditions. Any damage caused to roads and trails from e bikes is the same as the wear from regular bikes.
  4. E bicycles make ideal commuters. More and more consumers will make the switch to an electric bike instead of transporting to work by car, reducing air toxicity and congestion on the freeways. Wouldn’t we rather live in a world with more bicycles instead of cars?
  5. More trails will need to be built. Mountain biking will become more popular as e bikes grow in usage. If local governments create new pathways in smart and environmentally friendly ways, e bikes can contribute to a broader appreciation of our wilderness areas, helping lawmakers to allocate more land for preservation.

Test Ride an E Bike Today

If you’re still not convinced, come try an electric bike out for yourself in our Salt Lake City store. You’ll find out what thousands of new customers are discovering year after years. Electric bicycles are the future of riding. Electric bikes are very good.

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