Trail Riding with Electric Mountain Bikes

Trail riding is a popular style of mountain biking here in Utah. At our Salt Lake City ebike shop, we sell a lot of off-road / Mountain bicycles that are designed for this category.


Although this is a very specific type of racing style, many people use the term as a generic term for recreational mountain biking.

Trail Riding Racing E Bikes - mountain bike race categories explained

Trail riding is short and slightly more rugged than cross-country mountain biking. At High Country E Bikes we have several really great options for riding on the trail with an electric motor.

Haibike FullSeven

2018 Haibike SDURO FullSeven 10.0

Haibike FullNine

Haibike 2017 SDURO FullNine 6.0

Haibike FullLife (Ladies Electric Mountain Bikes)

Ladies will love the 2018 Haibike SDURO FullLife LT 7.5 - Great long travel off-road e bike.

iZip Peak Ds

2016 iZip E3 Peak Ds

This electric mountain bike is on sale. LEARN MORE

Magnum MI5


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We have amazing options for trail-riding with an electric motor. Come into High Country E Bikes today and learn more about what you need when buying an electric mountain bike for riding off-road.

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