Throttle-Only Electric Bikes in Salt Lake City

Some e bikes don’t feature the common pedal-assist. They have a pedal-free throttle that allows you to push a lever and get motion without pushing the pedals. There are only a couple of different types of bikes that only feature a throttle.

Starter E Bikes

Stride 400 by e bike manufacturer ProdecoTech, in Salt Lake City

Some people are looking for an inexpensive electric bicycle to see how they like the technology. They want a starter e bike, one that is simple and fun.

ProdecoTech Stride 400

We offer the Stride 400, by ProdecoTech, a simple bicycle that gives riders a great introduction to the world of e-bike-ing.

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High Power Electric Bikes

There are a few bikes that are really high-quality that go really fast and come with a pedal-free throttle. These e bikes resemble scooters or motorcycles. The user of a cruiser like this is riding for a thrill and enjoyment of riding, not for exercise.

Vintage Electric at West Jordan-Based High Country E Bikes

Vintage Electric are stylish & fast E BIKES in Salt Lake City at High Country E Bikes.

If you’re looking for a throttle-only e bike that can go really quick, consider the Vintage Electric brand. These custom built e bikes are gorgeously crafted. And they come with a Crystalyte Power System. A Vintage Electric can go as fast as 40-miles-an-hour.

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Hi-Power Cycles (HPC)

HPC (Hi-Powered Cycles) top brand of electric powered bikes

Another high-end brand of e bike that offers throttle-only power bikes is HPC. These amazing vehicles can go crazy fast, ride on road and mountain trails.


Whether you’re looking for a starter e bike, or a high-performance option, come into Salt Lake City store, centrally located in the West Jordan area. Call us today.