Throttle-Only Electric Bikes in Salt Lake City

Electric bicycles have two functions: pedal-assist and a pedal-free throttle. Some electric bikes have both of these features. Some have one or the other. A pedal-free throttle allows you to push a lever for power without pushing on the pedals. Learn here about the types of throttle only electric bikes.

Some people are looking for an inexpensive electric bicycle to see how they like the technology. They want a starter e bike, one that is simple and fun. Others want a high-performance bicycle that will go fast like a motorcycle.

Throttle only electric bikes Throttle-only Electric Bikes in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A throttle is excellent when you get tired and don't want to pedal anymore. And sometimes you want to cruise, go fast, and enjoy the ride without worrying about putting effort. Electric mountain bikes usually have pedal-assist. Manufacturers design throttle-only electric bikes for quick road-riding, not for off-road use.

Starter E Bikes by ProdecoTech

At High Country E Bikes, we have a number of models of ProdecoTech electric bikes at a discount. These models of e-bikes only provide a throttle. We are currently liquidating this brand, providing customers a less expensive option for trying out electric-boosted bicycles.

Throttle only electric bikes

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High Power Electric Bikes

There are a few e bikes that are high-quality, go fast, and come with a pedal-free throttle. These e bikes resemble scooters or motorcycles. The user of a cruiser like this is riding for a thrill and enjoyment of riding, not for exercise.

Vintage Electric at West Jordan-based High Country E Bikes

Throttle only electric bikes Vintage Electric are stylish & fast E BIKES in Salt Lake City at High Country E Bikes.

If you're looking for a throttle-only e bike that can go quick, consider the Vintage Electric brand. These custom-built e bikes are gorgeous. They come assembled with a Crystalyte Power System. A Vintage Electric can go as fast as 40-miles-an-hour.

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Hi-Power Cycles (HPC)

Throttle only electric bikes HPC (Hi-Powered Cycles) top brand of electric powered bikes

Another high-end brand of e bike that offers throttle-only power bikes is HPC. These fantastic vehicles can go crazy fast, ride on the road and mountain trails.


Whether you're looking for a starter e bike or a high-performance throttle-only electric bike, come into our Salt Lake City store, centrally located in the West Jordan area.


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