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Many mountain bikers are ditching the traditional bicycle for a high-quality motor-powered electric bike. They may think of e bikes as cheating their fitness when off-roading, but then they discover that electric bicycles are SO much more exciting than a conventional bicycle on the mountain. If you live in Salt Lake City you’ve got a lot of downhill trails close by. You need an electric mountain bike.
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Read this informative article about why you should switch from a conventional mountain bike to one with an electric motor. CLICK to read.

There are hills that you cannot climb with a traditional bike that you’ll totally own with an electric mountain bike. And they’ll actually go out mountain biking more often, and stay out longer because they won’t feel as tired.

Confused about the different mountain bike racing styles you see being sold? It can be hard to know the difference between an all mountain or trail riding bike. Learn the basics of off-road categories with our Mountain Bikes 101, below.

Haibike – Top Mountain Bikes with Electric Motors

One of the absolutely best brands of e bike to choose when off-roading is Haibike. This Germany-based manufacturer leads the world in e bike technology. All of their bicycles come with mid-drive motors, which put the weight in the center of the bike, providing a very functional system for mountain biking. The mid-drive motors, produced by Yamaha and Bosche also provide a lot of torque, perfect for climbing hills and rocks.

XDURO Series of Electric Bikes by Haibike

Haibikke offers a number of high-performance lines of e bike for mountain riding. You’ll see that they have two types of brands, XDURO and SDURO. Understanding what these mean can be confusing. In a nutshell, for the newest models, XDURO means extreme and SDURO means sporty.

Haibike XDURO FullSeven 8.0 Carbon (2017)

For customers who want the advantages of an electric-boost system, without the extra weight, you want this amazing trail-riding e bike with a carbon frame.


Downhill riding has been forever changed by the invention of the electric motor. Ride down any crazy mountain and then fly back up with a Bosch or Yamaha torque-sensor motors.

XDURO Nduro Series

Enduro racing is amazing with Haibike’s Nduro series. These long-travel e bikes can handle anything you tackle, whether it’s a downhill race or a long-distance trail ride.




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XDURO Fat Tire

SDURO Series of Electric Bikes by Haibike

SDURO FullSeven

SDURO HardSeven

SDURO HardLife – Ladies Mountain Bikes

SDURO HardFour 4.0 – Kids Haibike

iZip Mountain Bikes

If buying a Haibike is too expensive for you, you can get a really high-quality mountain bike from iZip. Although not as fancy as Haibike, iZip offers you a lot of electric power for the price of the e bike.

iZip Fat Tire Mountain Rider – E3 Sumo

2017 iZip E3 Sumo

iZip E3 Peak Ds

2017 iZip E3 Peak Ds

iZip E3 Peak Plus Mountain Bike with Motor

HPC Mountain Bikes

Consider these super-powerful e bikes when looking for a mountain bike with electric power. HPC (Hi-Power Cycles) uses the exceptional Crystalyte motor systems, providing you all the speed and torque you can imagine.

HPC Revolution Off-Roader

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