What are the speed settings on eBikes?

Electric bikes vary in speed depending on whether they use a throttle or pedal-assist powered ebike. There are three different ebike speed classes that you should know before riding and purchasing an ebike. There's a fear that ebikes are too fast, but it really depends on the type of electric-powered bike that you've chosen. 

Class 3 - ebike speed classes

Electric road bikes can go as fast as 28-mph on the street. You don't need to worry about the speed of many road ebikes. Some have faster modes where you should be careful where you ride. All classes limit the motor’s power to 1 horsepower (750W). If you're worried about going too fast, you can always purchase a slower ebike. Kids ebikes can't go any faster than 15-mph. Adult electric bicycles can go a maximum speed of about 28-mph.


eBike Speed Classes:

Class 1: Pedal Assist
eBikes that are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph. This class is the most common type of electric bike. This ebike speed class does not require any type of licensing.




Class 2: Throttle
eBikes that also have a maximum speed of 20 mph, but are throttle-assisted. This feature does not normally come on ebikes. Depending on the motor, you can add the throttle. Throttle means that it powers the motor without any pedaling.




Class 3: Speed Pedelec
eBikes that are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph. This class is considered a motor vehicle and requires riders to be licensed.


Class 1 - ebike speed classes
Class 1

Class 2 - ebike speed classes
Class 2

Class 3 - ebike speed classesClass 3

Speed Laws of E Bicycles

By law bicycles aren't allowed to go more than 28 mph. Most hybrids and road bikes with electric motors are manufactured to max out at that speed. Some ebikes can go faster than 28-mph. Many riders will take their fast e bike off-road where traffic laws don't apply. Off-Road eBikes can go faster than bikes on the street that must follow traffic regulations.


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Off-Road E Bikes can go faster than bikes on the street that must follow traffic regulations.

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