Why a Yamaha Motor?

Yamaha is the pioneer in e bike motors. They offer what they refer to as a "natural assist" ride, that's both powerful and smooth.

Yamaha Motor for E Bikes. CLICK to enlarge.

We have found that Yamaha motors are really reliable. We just don't see the same type of mechanical problems that we find in other e bike motors.

When they do break, we love doing repairs on e bikes with Yamaha motors in our West Jordan shop. We can run diagnostics through the screen on the bike, rather than having to run it through a different computer system.

Yamaha Motors for E Bikes Offers Two Key Features:

  • Center Mount Drive
  • Triple Sensor System

The Yamama power system constantly adjusts for torque, speed, and crank rotation. It delivers superb weight-balance and offers a pedal assist that feels natural. This motor provides wide-gear-options and four-separate power-assist modes. You'll feel like the e bike is an extension of your own legs when you ride with a Yamaha motor, providing a magical experience.

Yamahas Are Built for Distance

You'll see that you can run a lot longer distance per charge with a Yamaha than you can with a Bosch electric bike motor. This can be really important for someone who likes to take their electric bike out on long rides, or maybe has a significant commute.


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The truth is that there are a lot of great motors offered for e bikes. Talk with an electric bicycle specialist today to discuss your needs, wants, and find a bike that fits your budget.

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