Downhill Electric Mountain Bikes in Utah


Utah Downhill bike riders love riding down the plentiful mountains used for skiing during the winter. But they have one big problem. The time and money it takes to ride the ski-lifts back up the hill. The solution–Electric Motors.

More and more, downhill mountain bikers realize the value of an electric motor. Rather than paying to ride a ski lift up the mountain every time, use the power of the e bike to climb any hills you want to ride. Then enjoy the ride down!

The best model of downhill-style e bike is the by German-manufacturer, Haibike. They call it the XDURO Dwnhll series.

High-Performance Off-Road Riding

We have Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 9.0 in stock at High Country E Bikes. This is the ideal model for downhill electric mountain biking. SEE MORE about this fantastic e bike.

Downhill mountain bikes are the most extreme form of riding. At stupendous speeds, cyclists fly down mountains hitting jumps and hills while experiencing enormous demand for torque.

More and more mountain biking pros are switching to electric-boosted bicycles to maximize their experience riding downhill. Whether you’re looking for a more all-around mountain with the all-mountain, or you prefer the extreme-ride with a more massive downhill bike, you’ll be able to do everything more effectively with an e bike.

Ride Uphill with Power

What goes down must also go up. Such is the case with mountain biking. If you’re a downhill rider, you want to ride fast steep hills. But this can be a logistical challenge to riders figuring out methods to get back up the mountain. Skiing areas can be ideal areas for downhill riders, helping them to ride up steep climbs.

But the Haibike XDURO Dwnhll provides the best option for riders. You’ll fly up any mountain with this powerful Bosch or Yamaha torque-sensing.

Dwnhll 9.0 Model in Salt Lake City, Utah

Check out the Haibike XDURO Dwnhll 9.0 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This model comes with a high-power Bosch motor.

We currently have a Dwnhll 9.0 in stock with a Bosch motor. You’ll be amazed at just how intuitive and powerful the torque is on this spectacular bike, and it’s accompanying power-system. It doesn’t get any more hardcore than this mountain bike.

Buy from Electric Bike Specialists

If you’re considering making the transition from a conventional mountain bike, but to an electric model, make sure you come in or call our shop and discuss your off-roading e bike dreams. Whether you choose a downhill-style electric bike or you’re looking for a different category of bike, we’ll help you find the right selection.

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