Folding Electric Bikes in Salt Lake City

Do you need an excellent commuter e bike that you can fold-up on the train, in the back of your car, or in your cubicle? We have three fantastic and quick electric-powered bicycles in Salt Lake City that are folding and compact.

It used to be that buying a bike that was fold-able meant you had to compromise speed or performance. But a bicycle with an electric motor can be small or folding and still be fast.

Magnum Premium 48 Folding E Bike is perfect for commuting in Salt Lake City, Utah. CLICK HERE to enlarge image.



Magnum Premium 48 Folding


Magnum Premium 48 (Folding E Bike) in Salt Lake City.

With a 500-watt hub-drive motor on the rear of this folding e bike by Magnum Bikes, this is an exciting ride. You won't even feel like you're riding a smaller bike.

ProdecoTech Stride 300

Stride 300 Folding E Bike by ProdecoTech. CLICK HERE to enlarge.

This folding e bike offers a hub-drive motor with throttle-only. These are currently on clearance, so come in now for a great deal on this straight-forward and easy to ride step-thru e bike.

Haibike Radius tour

Although strictly speaking, the frame on the Haibike Radius tour doesn't fold up, this small bike does fold flat, with adjustable handlebars and pedals. This Haibike commuter may be an ideal folding e bicycle for those with long daily journeys, with a torque-sensing Yamaha motor.

Buy a Foldable E Bike in Utah

Come into High Country E Bikes in Salt Lake City and test ride one of our folding electric bikes.

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