Top Stores to Buy Electric Bikes in Utah

Over the weekend we at High Country E Bikes were quoted in the local news. KSL, the Salt Lake City, Utah news station added an article on their website featuring the top 6 places to buy electric bicycles in Utah. We were honored to be named on the list.

As we are quoted as saying, the Salt Lake City, Utah area is a prime place outdoor sports. And we have the largest collection of e bikes in the state.

Electric Bikes are growing in popularity here in Utah. We at High Country are one of the best places to buy electric bicycles in the state.

Electric Biking in Salt Lake City

There are a lot of great places for high-adventure sports in the state. A lot of residents of Salt Lake City like to travel down to fun and sunny places, like Moab to enjoy off-road e biking.

Great Downhill Mountain Bike Racing

With the ski-slopes so close-by, it’s a prime place for downhill mountain-riding. Many high-performance riders are switching from conventional bikes to electric bicycles.

More and More E Bike Commuters

One of our most popular electric road bikes! CLICK HERE to learn more about the iZip E3 Zuma

We sell a lot of electric road bikes to various riders who like to commute or want something simple and fun for riding on the paved Jordan River Trail. Although e bikes are more expensive than traditional bikes, we have a few road bikes for under than $2,000, making them great ways to test out the technology.

Advancing Technology

Haibike, one of our top brands, has been building e bikes since 1995. They pioneered the technology. Ever since, many brands, including big name bicycle brands, like Trek and Raleigh have joined the movement.

2014 Electric Bikes

2014 was a pivotal year for e bike manufactures. The quality of electric bike technology and the motors they use took a huge leap.

Big names like Bosch entered the industry in 2010, building some of the most popular e bike motors. The motors on electric bikes are constantly increasing in range. We see Haibikes with Yamaha motors going as far as 90-miles on a charge.

Electric Bicycles Must Be Experienced

We can explain how e bikes work, but they must be experienced to fully understand. When you ride with pedal-assist motors with special torque sensors, the power systems are so sophisticated, you’ll feel like you’re doing all the work–except with bionic legs. Test ride an electric bicycle today!

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