Stay Active in Salt Lake City Utah! The Best Electric Road Bikes for Recreation and Commuting

Many Salt Lake City electric bicycle-lovers prefer to ride on roads and city trails. More and more workers are choosing to commute to their office, whether it’s to stay active or help improve the air. At our Salt Lake City store, we have a wide selection of the best road bikes with electric motors.

BEST **Electric** Road Bikes in Salt Lake City

Riding a bicycle with an electric motor is the new trend in riding. It always makes the ride more fun, allowing you to run with greater ease and higher-performance with the electric assist.

Check out these beautiful electric-powered road bikes at High Country E Bikes, LLC:

Road Bicycles by Haibike

Haibike SDURO Street 4.5 (2017)

Haibike SDURO Street 4.5 2017. Buy Electric Road Bikes in Utah. CLICK HERE to see enlarged.

LEARN MORE about the 2017 Haibike SDURO Street 4.5 on SALE NOW

Haibike SDURO Trekking SL

Haibike 2017 SDURO Trekking SL. ENLARGE image here.

LEARN MORE about SDURO Trekking

E3 Protour by iZip

iZip E3 Protour in Salt Lake City. SEE larger image here.

LEARN MORE about the iZip E3 Protour Road Bike

iZip Affordable Road Bike Vibe +

2017 iZip Vibe +

iZip E3 Zuma (2017)


2016 iZip E3 Zuma. CLICK HERE to enlarge.

LEARN MORE about the iZip E3 Zuma

iZip E3 Dash Electric-Powered Road Bicycle

2017 iZip E3 Dash. SEE larger image of the Dash.

Magnum Electric Bicycles for the Road

Metro Street E Bike

Magnum Metro road bike in Salt Lake City e bike shop. CLICK HERE to see image enlarged.

LEARN MORE info about the Magnum Metro

High-Quality Road Bike – Magnum Metro +

Salt Lake manufacturer builds Magnum Metro+ e bike. SEE larger image.

Premium 48 Folding E Bike by Magnum

Magnum Premium 48 (Folding E Bike) in Salt Lake City. SEE LARGER image here.

LEARN MORE about the folding electric bike by Magnum.

Magnum Ui5 Street E Bike

Magnum Ui5 in Salt Lake City, Utah High Country E Bikes. CLICK HERE to see larger image.

ProdecoTech Road Bikes

Genesis Commuter – the E Bike by ProdecoTech

Genesis by ProdecoTech in Salt Lake City shop. CLICK HERE to enlarge.

LEARN MORE About the Genesis

Islander Step Thru by ProdecoTech

SEE LARGER image of the ProdecoTech Islander.

Stride 400 E Bike (on SALE)

Stride 400 by e bike manufacturer ProdecoTech, in Salt Lake City. CLICK to enlarge.

SEE sale price HERE

Stride 300 Folding E Bike

Stride 300 Folding E Bike by ProdecoTech. SEE larger image.

LEARN MORE about the ProdecoTech Stride 300 folding e bike

Join the E Bike Revolution

You’ll never regret buying one of the best electric bikes here in our Salt Lake City store. That bicycle will never stay too long in the garage. You’ll be itching to get out on the open road or paved trail as often as you can.