Stay Active in Salt Lake City Utah! The Best Electric Road Bikes for Recreation and Commuting

Many Salt Lake City electric bicycle-lovers prefer to ride on roads and city trails. More and more workers are choosing to commute to their office, whether it’s to stay active or help improve the air. At our Salt Lake City store, we have a wide selection of the best road bikes with electric motors.

BEST **Electric** Road Bikes in Salt Lake City

Riding a bicycle with an electric motor is the new trend in riding. It always makes the ride more fun, allowing you to run with greater ease and higher-performance with the electric assist.


We are currently out of stock on Haibike models for road riding. We can always special order any 2018 road bike by this manufacturer. Feel free to contact us to order your choice of all Haibikes.

iZip E3 Vibe Plus

If you’re a short person that struggles to find an e bike for adults that fits, you’re in luck with the E3 Vibe Plus by top brand–iZip.

iZip E3 Zuma


Magnum Bikes – Electric Bicycles for the Road

Magnum Metro and Metro+

Magnum offers two models of the Magnum Metro. The Metro features a step-thru, a popular option for modern men and women. And for those who prefer step-over frames with thinner street wheels, you can purchase the Metro+.

Magnum Ui6

The Ui6 is very similar to the Metro, with the same 500-watt motor and suspension. For a few hundred dollars less it’s got cable pull disc brakes instead of hydraulic.

Magnum Ui5

With a smaller motor, this bike is a little less powerful than the Metro. But you may find that this is one of the most affordable Class 3 Pedelecs. You’ll have a pedal-assist and throttle.

Join the E Bike Revolution

You’ll never regret buying one of the best electric bikes here in our Salt Lake City store. That bicycle will never stay too long in the garage. You’ll be itching to get out on the open road or paved trail as often as you can.

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