Magnum Bikes Provide Optimal Value in Salt Lake City, Utah

We are so excited to be a distributor for Magnum, a local Salt Lake City-based manufacturer of electric bikes. They offer high-quality electric bicycles at a reasonable price.
magnum bikes salt lake city
Inventory in our West Jordan/Taylorsville shop is continuously changing. Call us to confirm that we have the model and brand you’re looking for and schedule a time to visit.

Electric Bikes are an exciting new technology that started in Europe and Asia and is now spreading to the United States, including here in Utah.

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Many of our customers search online and think that would be a good place to buy an electric bike. But in general, you’re better off buying a less expensive brand like Magnum Bikes at a local shop, where you can get high-quality repair and maintenance. We sell tons of bikes from Magnum, and they love them.

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Models of Magnum Bikes in Salt Lake City

Magnum Cruiser Ci5

LEARN MORE about the Electric Beach Cruiser by Magnum

Magnum Metro+

Salt Lake manufacturer builds the Magnum Metro+ e bike. SEE larger image.

Magnum Metro

Magnum Metro road bikes in Salt Lake City e bike shop. Enlarge by CLICKING

Magnum Ui6

Magnum Ui5

Magnum Mi5

Magnum Mi5 (e bike) in Salt Lake City, Utah. SEE larger image.

Magnum Premium 48 (Folding)

Buy a Magnum Premium 48 (Folding E Bike) in Salt Lake City. CLICK to see larger.

LEARN MORE about the folding e bike by Magnum

Electric Powered Scooters

Magnum Imax S1+ Electric Scooter

Magnum IMAX S1+ electric powered scooter at High Country E Bikes in Salt Lake City store. CLICK to enlarge.

LEARN MORE about the Magnum Imax S1+

Magnum Imax T3 Electric Scooter

LEARN MORE about the Magnum Imax T3

Buy Magnum Electric Bikes at High Country E Bikes

We at High Country E Bikes have a great selection of electric bicycles in Salt Lake City by Magnum Bikes. See us today to find the right bike for your needs and pocket-book.

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