Electric Motors Make Riding Bicycles in the Salt Lake City Area Awesome

Here in Salt Lake City you never know just how challenging your ride will be. Choosing to buy bicycles with electric motors can be a solution to making the rides fun all the time, regardless of the temperature or air-quality.

Bosch Motor on the iZip Electric Bicycle.

There are two types of drive systems you should know about when buying bicycles with electric motors. One is a rear hub-system and the other is a mid-drive system.

One type isn’t necessarily better than the other. Hub and mid-drive systems have different purposes. You should understand what you’re going to be using your e bike for when choosing a bicycle a particular drive-system.


Crystalyte Electric Motor on the HPC Revolution High-Performance Electric Bicycles. SEE LARGER image here.

These place the motors on the hub of the back wheel of the e bike. These are designed primarily for speed. The motor will not be connected to the gears. Hub-motors aren’t typically designed to provide a lot of torque, so they can have trouble on hills. The wider the hub-motor is, the more torque you’ll have on your e bike.

Most road bikes like the iZip Zuma, or the Magnum Premium 48 Low Step folding e bike use hub-motors.

We recommend the highest-quality hub-motors (Crystalyte drive systems) to e bike riders that plan on using them for serious off-roading. With more power and high-quality components, the hub-motor can overcome some of its drawbacks.

Mid-Drive System

Most electric-powered mountain bikes use mid-drives. By placing the motor in the center of the bike, in between the two pedals, the frame is able to provide a lot of support to the motor.

Dirt roads, boulders, or hills can provide a lot of friction to the sensitive motor of an e bike. By placing the motor in the middle of the frame like many of the top mountain e bike brands, the motor is supported and protected. You can imagine the violent motion that a hub-motor on a back wheel can encounter on a high-adventure outing.

Mid-drive motors can provide the ideal level of torque for hills and mountain riding. The motor is tied into the chain, giving you greater torque as you adjust the gears.

Trusted Manufacturers of Electric Motors for Bicycles

There are several manufacturers of motors for electric bikes that we trust:

Yamaha Electric Motors

CLICK HERE now to see larger version of Yamaha Motor on the Haibike

Yamaha invented the world’s first electric power assist system in 1993 for bicycles. Since then they’ve led the way, constantly innovating their e bike motor to deliver the most comfortable power systems.

At High Country E Bikes we strongly recommend to our clientele that they buy electric bikes with Yamaha motors. We feel like they are some of the most reliable e bike power systems on the market.

Brands that Use Yamaha Motors


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Bosch Electric Motors for Bicycles

One of the most popular manufacturers of e bike motors is Bosch. We recommend a lot of e bikes that use this drive system.

Brands that Use Bosch





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Shimano Steps Electric Motors for E Bikes

The Shimano Steps motor is 250 watt, so it’s has a bit less power than many other drive systems. It also makes a little more noise, compared with other motors. But it’s still a reliable drive-system chosen by some of the industry leading manufacturers.

Brands that Use Shimano Steps



Currie E Bike Motors

Another popular motor that we sell a lot of is Currie. Founded in 1997, Currie is one of the oldest and well-respected US developers and distributors of e bikes. These motors are a little more powerful than average and provide more torque than a lot of e bike systems. They can go up to 28-miles-an-hour with pedal assist, making them a fun motor to choose.

Hunters like currie motors because they can haul deer meat and other supplies to their base camps.

Manufacturers of E Bikes that Use Currie






Crystalyte – High-Powered Electric Motors

Cargo Delivery Bicycle with Electric Motor by HPC and Yuba in Salt Lake City. CLICK HERE to see larger image.

One of the best, high-performance, ultra-quiet, and reliable hub-motors on the market. It goes up to 8000-watts, making it a super-powerful system for fast e biking.

Two of the highest quality e bike brands use Crystalyte Motors:

E Bike Brands that Use Crystalyte

Vintage Electric

Hi-Power Cycles (HPC)

You can buy either of these two brands at High Country E Bikes in Salt Lake City.

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At High Country, we only sell electric-powered bikes. We understand this technology and have a high-performance maintenance station with the ability to diagnose problems you can run into with an electric motor.

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