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Raleigh Retroglide IE 2017 in Turquoise Salt Lake City Shop

Raleigh is a well-respected brand in the bicycle industry. They offer some nice e bike options.

We have a few Raleigh IE models in various electric bicycle styles.

We have a couple of model years in-stock of the Retroglide IE , a gorgeous beach cruiser.

We also have a couple of other Raleigh road bikes.

Inventory in our West Jordan/Taylorsville shop is constantly changing. Call us to confirm that we have the model and brand of Raleigh electric bicycle you’re looking for and schedule a time to visit.

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Raleigh Electric Retroglide IE

Raleigh Retroglide IE in Salt Lake City

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Raleigh Redux IE

Raleigh Redux IE Salt Lake City, Utah

Raleigh Detour IE

Raleigh Detour IE Salt Lake City

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