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High Country E Bikes is one of the trusted iZip dealers in Salt Lake City. This manufacturer is one of the industry leaders in e bikes. They are enormously reliable, high-performance, and surprisingly affordable. You can usually get a great value when you buy an iZip.

iZip E3 Peak+ in front of High Country E Bikes in West Jordan, Utah

We refer to iZip electric bicycles as the Toyotas of e bikes. See the different models of iZip that we currently carry.

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Inventory in our West Jordan/Taylorsville shop is continually changing. Call us to confirm that we have the model and brand you’re looking for and schedule a time to visit.

Models of iZip

iZip E3 Protour – Buy from a Local Dealer in Salt Lake City

iZip E3 Protour in Salt Lake City

LEARN MORE about the iZip E3 Protour

iZip Vibe +

2017 iZip Vibe +. CLICK HERE to see larger image.

iZip E3 Summo Fat Tire E Bike

2017 iZip E3 Sumo. CLICK HERE to see the larger image.

SEE all of our Fat Tire Electric Bikes

iZip E3 Peak DS

2017 iZip E3 Peak Ds. CLICK HERE to see the larger image.

iZip 2017 E3 Peak +

2017 iZip E3 Peak +. CLICK HERE to see a larger image.

iZip Zuma

iZip Zuma Electric Bikes. SEE larger image.

LEARN MORE about the iZip Zuma

iZip E3 Dash

iZip E3 Dash is one of our most popular hybrid e bikes. CLICK HERE to see the larger image.

LEARN more about this hybrid e bike, the iZip E3 Dash

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We love iZip electric-powered bikes. As you can see, we’ve got a great selection of these fantastic bicycles at High Country E Bikes.