iZip Dealers Salt Lake City

Many consumers are interested in e bikes but they're nervous about spending many thousands of dollars on a top model. But they also don't want to waste their money on an electric bike that isn't reliable. We strongly recommend the iZip brand to new e bike owners.

They are enormously reliable, high-performance, and surprisingly affordable. You can usually get a great value when you buy an iZip, whether you choose a mountain bike, hybrid, or road bike.

We refer to iZip electric bicycles as the Toyotas of e bikes. They're reliable and affordable.



Inventory in our West Jordan/Taylorsville shop is continually changing. Call us to confirm we have the model and brand you're looking for and schedule a time to visit.


Models of iZip

iZip E3 Protour - Buy from a Local Dealer in Salt Lake City




iZip E3 Vibe Plus



iZip E3 Summo - Fat Tire E Bike



iZip E3 Peak DS



iZip 2017 E3 Peak Plus

iZip E3 Zuma

iZip E3 Dash

Buy Electric Bikes by iZip from Trusted Salt Lake Dealers

We love iZip electric-powered bikes. As you can see, we've got a great selection of these fantastic bicycles at High Country E Bikes.


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