Meet the 2017 iZip E3 Zuma – Awesome Value for Electric Road Bike

The iZip E3 Zuma is one of our most popular electric road bikes. When you ride one you’ll understand why. These are so fun!  And they’re one of the best values for an e bike.

The Zuma is incredibly smooth, built with some of the best components you will want with a road bike. Perfect for commuting or hitting a light trail, with a throttle that really takes off, you’ll understand why so many choose iZip’s top electric road bicycle.

**iZip E3 Zuma** 2017 Top Road eBike in SALT LAKE CITY

The Zuma is also a very attractive bike. The 2017 version, which we have a number of models in stock, comes in several bright colors, like lime green, aqua, and orange. Your friends will definitely notice your gorgeous new ride as you cruise around the neighborhood.

CLICK HERE to see bigger version of iZip Zuma.

2017 iZip E3 Zuma Features

Check out these awesome features on this very popular electric road bike.


20-mph max speed

Electric-Power Systems

  • Pedal-Assist
  • Pedal-Free Throttle

NOTE: Pedal-assist & Throttle work independently. 

LEARN MORE about e bikes with both pedal-assist and throttle.

iZip E3 Zuma 2017 Electric Bikes


The battery to the iZip E3 Zuma is hidden underneath the saddle (seat) making for a handsomely designed e bike. CLICK to see larger image.
  • Currie Electro-Drive
  • Rear Hub-drive
  • Cadence Sensor
  • 500-watt


48 Volt 7 amp hour battery


25-35 miles


Chromoly oversize & rigid


  • LED display
  • Assist-adjust

    High Country is an iZip dealer that sells the Zuma (white) with a front basket in Salt Lake City. Basket and fenders are not included in the in retail price. CLICK HERE to see enlarged version.


  • Promax Render disc brakes
  • 160-mm rotors
Rear tire with the fender on the iZip E3 Zuma in Salt Lake City, Utah electric bike store. SEE LARGER IMAGE here. 


  • M: 18″
  • L: 20″
  • Low Step: 18″


Comes in Step Thu or Step Over


The electric road bikes—iZip E3 Zuma 2017 features four bright colors that customers love—orange, lime green, aqua, and white. CLICK HERE to Enlarge.

2017 Colors and Earlier

People love the bright colors of the 2017 iZip E3 Zuma.

  • Orange
  • Aqua
  • Lime Green
  • White

2018 Colors

White iZip Zuma and back tire with black fenders (not included in retail price) in Salt Lake City, Utah. SEE enlarged image.

The 2018 iZip E3 Zuma has very different styling than the 2017 model. And it has a mid-drive power-system rather than the hub-drive, which we like on this particular e bike. We don’t have any in stock, but we can order the 2018 electric bike if you prefer this newer model.

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
Front view of iZip Zuma at Salt Lake City e bike dealer.


Retail: $2,499

The 2017 iZip E3 Zuma is currently on sale.


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