Haibike XDURO FullSeven Carbon 8.0 (2017 Model) in Salt Lake City

Carbon-Frame High-Performance Electric-Powered Bicycles by Haibike

Whether you’re trail-riding or all-mountain racing, this super-light high-performance electric bicycle is about as good as it gets. You want the Haibike FullSeven Carbon 8.0 2017 for optimal off-road e bike performance.

Most electric bikes aren’t made out of carbon because the motor gives them the extra power they need. So if you’re out racing with your other electric bike-riding friends, having a carbon frame will give you that extra edge.

Haibike FullSeven Carbon Features

Haibike SkidPlate

Electric bicycles often suffer from impacts or stone chipping, which damages the mid-drive motor severely. Haibike was the first manufacturer to introduce the SkidPlate in 2012, a protection element which protects the bottom side of this high-quality Bosch motor.

Bottom-Side Protection

The SkidPlate absorbs impact forces by deformation or destruction, which can damage the more expensive motor. This part is easy to replace by a certified Bosch technician.

Plastic is Ideal Raw Material

Haibike uses shock-resistant plastic. This material conducts the incoming forces while remaining dimensionally stable under severe deformation. Compare plastic to other materials that do not switch back to their original shape after deformation. The SkidPlate is produced in the corresponding color, perfectly hiding scratches and mild damage.

If required, the SkidPlate can cheaply be replaced.

Step-In Battery Concept

Integrating batteries into frames in a stylish and technically-smart way is one of the biggest challenges when designing and engineering e bikes. Haibike’s “Step-In Battery Concept” proves demonstrates what’s possible.

Visually & Technically Convincing

To reduce a bulky appearance Haibike sunk the Bosch-battery into the downtube slightly. The combination of hydroformed tubes and special castings eliminates the need for welds and erases inaccurate attachment points. This technique also reduces the distance between the motor and battery by 11-mm.


Bosch motors have significantly smaller sprockets compared to classical chainrings. They rotate 2.5 times faster than the revolution of the crank. This allows the motor use fewer teeth to transmit more force.

Customized Haibike Sprocket

Most XDURO e bikes come with a specially-developed Haibike sprocket. Each sprocket is milled out of a solid block by a computer-controlled milling machine (CNC).

The special shape of the teeth ensures 100% contact to the chain, increasing the life of both the chain and the sprocket. With the integrated chainring guide on the sprocket and a chain guard on the pulley wheel, experiencing chain jack becomes nearly impossible.

NOTE: Chain jack is a negative situation where the suspension compresses, giving excess slack in the chain.

Haibike eLight system

Lighting on an e bike is an important safety feature and allows you to ride your bicycle at night-time. Standard lights are usually quite large, and technically and optically don’t fit the character of modern power bikes. Haibike developed the eLight-lighting system to provide lights that are functional and visually-integrated into the style of the design.

Bright but Invisible

Both the front and rear light are designed to be positioned extremely close to the frame so they become part of the overall optical appeal.

Add eLight System to any XDURO

Lights may be upgraded individually or as a set on any XDURO e bike.

Haibike S.E.S System

Bosch motors provide two challenges to designers: their size and the extremely small drive sprocket. Because of a small chainring on the motor, the main pivot of the rear triangle has to be positioned within the motor.

Haibike developed the Sprocket Equalizing System (S.E.S) to move the main pivot upwards while achieving the shortest possible wheelbase and a correct axle path. By positioning a pulley wheel directly on this point Haibike’s design prevents chain jack and pedal kickback during compression.

Haibike also incorporates a chain guide on the pulley wheel. With the guide on the Haibike Sprocket dropping a chain is almost impossible.

Haibike Full Carbon Interface

Normally, a Bosch motor is mounted via adapters or holder plates to the carbon frame, which increases the weight, the size, and increases tolerances. For this reason, Haibike developed the Full Carbon Concept. This technology solves all three problems.

The motor is directly screwed to the carbon frame, without using additional adapters.

Haibike avoids metal cores in the interface. They designed a carbon interface.

These carbon off-road e bikes come with a mount that transfers force into the frame: This design reduces the weight and the space required while increasing both the stability and precision of the mountain bike.

Haibike UD-Carbon Frame

As one of the first manufacturers in the electric bike market, Haibike figured out the nuances of building e bikes using carbon as a frame material. They benefit from their years of experience making high-performance bicycle frames.

Athletes using Haibike carbon frames have conquered numerous European and World Championship titles, including an Olympic silver medal.

All Frame Parts Made of Carbon

On the 2017 XDURO carbon frame, every frame component (except for the SkidPlate) is made out of carbon. Each piece is handmade so the carbon fibers are aligned parallel via a specified plan that follows the subsequent stress directions (unidirectional laminate). This concept allows Haibike to exploit the tensile-strength of the carbon fibers to create areas with particularly high stiffness and others with more flex, vital with an all-mountain-capable e bike.

Durable & Efficient Carbon Frame

The result of Haibike’s expert design is a heavy-duty frame that converts every ounce of energy into propulsion. The low frame weight significantly reduces the total weight of the e bike.

Bosch Performance CX Drive Unit

The motor on the Haibike XDURO FullSeven Carbon 8.0 has been specially optimized for sport-use. The Bosch Performance CX Drive delivers a constant maximum torque of up to 75-Newton-meters, up to even to a high-speed range.

The “Direct Flow” technique on the Haibike Carbon also guarantees powerful support in the lower cadence levels.

Trail Control offers a dynamic power management system, that allows the rider to choose the optimum support level (50-300%) for:

  • The terrain they are riding.
  • Their riding style.
  • The distance they are looking to cover.

You’ll love shifting on your Haibike mountain bike. “Shift detection” protects your chain by cutting off the torque from the motor during shifting for smooth gear changes.

Bosch Intuvia Display

The Bosch Intuvia display is easy to read and offers many functions and information to the rider.

The display tells the rider:

  • The actual speed
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Day trip distance
  • Total distance
  • The time
  • Trip time
  • Total operating time of the bike
  • Motor performance.

The remote control is located on the left side of the handlebars. All display features and support modes can be selected safely while riding.  You won’t have to take your hands off the handlebars. The display base ensures a secure fit, even under tough conditions.

Specification on the Haibike FullSeven 8.0 Carbon (2017)


  • Carbon
  • High-modulus UD-Monocoque
  • FullCarbon Interface
  • Thru-axle M12 (1.75) x 142mm
  • Disc brake Post Mount
  • Travel: 120-mm

Drive Unit

  • Bosch Performance CX
  • 350-watt


Bosch Intuvia


  • Bosch-Power-Pack
  • 500 Wh


Bosch quick charger 4A


  • RockShox SID RL Remote Lockout
  • Air
  • Travel: 120-mm
  • Aluminium steerer tube 1 1/8″ – 1 1/2″ tapered
  • Thru-axle


  • FOX Float DPS Factory SV
  • Air

Shifting System

  • Sram X01
  • 11-speed

Gear Lever

  • Sram X0
  • Trigger switch

Rear Sprocket

  • Sram XG1150
  • 10-42 teeth


Sram PC1110


  • Haibike CNC sprocket
  • 18
  • Stainless steel

Brake Lever

  • Magura MT5
  • Aluminum

Front Brake

  • Magura MT5
  • 203-mm
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

Rear Brake

  • Magura MT5
  • 180-mm
  • Hydraulic disc brakes


  • Mavic Crossmax Quest
  • 62-584WHEEL SET
  • Mavic Crossmax XL


XDURO Ergo-Flatbar Carbon 720-mm


XLC lock on grips Sport


  • Haibike aluminum
  • super-light
  • oversize

Head Set

FSA No.42/55 A-Head


fi’zi:k Tundra M3

Seat Post

  • flex post
  • 31.6-mm
  • carbon


XLC Freeride Plattform Pedal



Total Permissible Weight of the Rider


Wheel Size


Retail Price

$ 8,999

Buy the Haibike FullSeven Carbon 8.0 (2017) in Salt Lake City TODAY! 

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