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Electric bike BLACK FRIDAY sale! Biggest e-bike sale of the year!

electric bike black friday saleScore a deal on the best e-bikes around! Shipping is available on all our electric bike models! Magnum metro Plus MSRP $2,000 OUR PRICE $1,499

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New York City Reverses Ban on Electric Bikes

new york city e bike ban One of the most disconcerting news in recent time for e bike lovers has been the ban on electric boosted bikes in New York City. As the biggest urban center in the world, and one of the critical trend-setting towns in the U.S., e bike fans have been worried […]

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Empty-Nesters – Accepting Grief, Joy, Pleasure, & Health in a New Life of Opportunity

I’ll never forget that moment my parents dropped me off at college. My mom was a basket-case. I, however, was thrilled! Although I’m sure that she was genuinely sad to see me leave home (I was a pretty great kid) I think she and my dad were also grieving over what was the beginning of […]

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Popular Electric Road Bike in White is NOW in Stock | Buy the 2018 Magnum Metro in Salt Lake City, Utah

For months e bike fans have been visiting our Salt Lake City area shop, asking for a particularly popular model. It’s been impossible to find the White Magnum Metro, a gorgeous road bike with an electric motor. Not anymore. We are excited to announce that we do have the new 2018 Magnum Metro in white is here […]

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Popular E Bikes Provide Entry-Level Electric Transportation | Saving You Money & Helping Environment

Many people are trying to make the transition to an electric vehicle as their primary form of transportation. Many millennials don’t see a car as vital to their identity. Any many young and old Americans are trying to do their part to help the environment. But too often, shifting to an electric car can be […]

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$100 off KÜAT bike racks with ebike purchase! Check out our end of year clearance! Dismiss