Should I Buy an E Bike on eBay?

The simple answer to this question is: NO! Here’s the problem with buying an e bike on eBay:


Buy an electric bicycle from an E Bike Specialty Shop instead of an eBay.

Giving E Bikes a Try?

Buy Haibike-brand of an electric bicycle instead of a cheap e bike on eBay.

A lot of people hear about electric bicycles and they think, “Ooh cool! Let’s give that a try.”

Since a lot of Americans are just now hearing about e bikes, they don’t want to invest a lot of money in one. They want to ease into the technology. They try to find a good deal on eBay. But then they end up with a cheap electric bike that may have been manufactured in China. And the result isn’t surprising:

  • It doesn’t ride well
  • They can’t find a place to repair it
  • They have a poor experience
  • And they give up on electric bikes

Electric Bicycles Changed in 2014

E bike technology has changed a lot over the last decade. Big and exciting innovations have occurred since 2014. Buying a used electric bicycle that was manufactured prior to 2014 is going to be a letdown.

You’re a lot better off trying to find a good price on a new e bike rather than wasting your money on a cheap deal.

Brand Counts with E Bikes

Buying name brands doesn’t always mean much. If you’re buying medicine you’re often fine buying the generic brand. A lot of groceries are going to be really high-quality at the generic level. Off-brand gasoline is usually as high-grade as fancy name brands.

Top Electric Bike Brands

High Country E Bikes is a repair shop in Salt Lake City.

But electric bikes are not the kind of purchase where you want to risk buying an unknown brand. There are certain e bike brands that you can count on to be reliable and high-performance. You’re not going to go wrong buying a Haibike, iZip, Vintage Electric Bikes, or High-Power Cycles.

LEARN MORE about the Top Brands of Electric Bikes

Electric Motor Brands

The brand of the motor that you’re using also matters. Yamaha, Bosch, Currie, and Crystalyte are the big manufactures of e bike motors. We know the type of problems that buyers of electric bicycles will encounter when we see the type of motor. We only sell e bikes where we know we can guarantee the performance on the motor. We don’t want to see that customer complaining at our repair station a few months after purchasing from us.

Work with a Bicycle Shop that Specializes in E Bikes

We at High Country E Bikes sell electric bicycles and repair them as well. We are Bosch certified to diagnose and repair these German-made high-performance motors with torque sensors.

Buying an electric bicycle is more like buying a car than a traditional bike. These are technically advanced machines. We don’t like repairing bikes from unknown brands. We don’t feel like we can guarantee the work.

Buy an electric bike that you can trust will do what it promises to do. Buy from a respected dealer in Salt Lake City, Utah. Don’t risk buying a cheap bicycle online at eBay.