What is the Fastest Electric Bicycle on the Market?

Here at High Country E Bikes, we have two electric bicycle brands that can make you go fast--really fast! Whether you're looking for off-road e bikes or electric road bicycles, we have an option for you that will allow you to ride at crazy speeds.

Aluminum battery box on the Vintage Electric Scrambler is beautifully designed and sand cast (Sold in Salt Lake City)

The two brands that our high-adventure e-bike aficionados love are High-Power Cycles (HPC) and Vintage Electric. HPC builds amazing mountain bikes. Vintage Electric manufactures the best cruiser-style road bikes. Both manufacturers use Crystalyte motors, a high-performance brand of hub-drive power-system that provide crazy speed and torque.

HPC Super-Crazy-Fast EBikes

One of the most exciting electric-powered bicycle experiences you can explore is to ride a High-Power Cycles e bike. We have two options you want to consider if you're a mountain biker:

Downhill High-Power Cycles Electric Bike

For downhill racing and high-skilled mountain biking, consider buying the HPC Revolution. It's a heavy mountain racer at 79 lbs. It has a short headtube angle, giving you the suspension and support you need for going really fast down a mountain.

Hi-Power Cycles (HPC) Revolution in SLC at High Country E Bikes. BUY NOW!

This bike may seem expensive, but when you ride the Revolution, you won't pay for a ski lift up the mountain anymore. Use the power of your e bike to climb any hills you want to ride. Then enjoy the journey down!

Enduro Racing Electric Bike by HPC

For a lighter-weight Enduro-style e bike, consider the HPC Enduro. It features three crazy-powerful 750W, 1200W, or a 1500W mid-drive power-systems, ideal for mountain biking.

HPC (Hi-Power Cycles Enduro) at High Country E Bikes in SLC

High-Performance Road Bikes by Vintage Electric

Our Salt Lake City customers love the Vintage Electric brand of e bikes. They are beautifully hand-crafted electric-powered bicycles. And with their Crystalyte motors they can go as fast as 40-mph.

We have three models of ebikes you want to consider:

Vintage Electric Scrambler

Vintage Electric Scrambler in Salt Lake City by electric bike shop - High Country E Bikes

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Vintage Electric Cruz

Vintage Electric Cruz sold at High Country E Bikes in Salt Lake City

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Vintage Electric Tracker

LEARN MORE about Tracker

Looking for the fastest electric bicycless in the state of Utah. Come see us at High Country E Bikes TODAY!


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