Why choose a Yamaha ebike Motor?

Yamaha is the pioneer in ebike motor technology!  They offer what they refer to as a "natural assist" ride, that's both powerful and smooth. Our tech mechanics here at High Country prefer the Yamaha ebike motor and here's why...

We have found that Yamaha ebike motors are really reliable. We just don't see the same type of mechanical problems that we find in other ebike motors. When they do break (which is very rare), we love doing repairs on Yamaha ebike motors in our West Jordan shop. We can run diagnostics through the ebike screen, rather than having to run it through a different computer system. Yamaha ebike Motor  CLICK to enlarge.


The Yamaha ebike Motor has two key features:

  • Center Mount Drive
  • Triple Sensor System

The Yamama power system constantly adjusts for torque, speed, and crank rotation. It delivers superb weight-balance and offers a pedal assist that feels natural. This motor provides wide-gear-options and four-separate power-assist modes. You'll feel like the ebike is an extension of your own legs when you ride with a Yamaha motor, providing a magical experience.

Yamaha Ebike Motors Are Built for Distance

You'll see that you can run a lot longer distance per charge with a Yamaha than you can with a Bosch electric bike motor. This can be really important for someone who likes to take their electric bike out on long rides, or maybe has a significant commute.


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The truth is that there are a lot of great motors offered for ebikes. Talk with an electric bicycle specialist today to discuss your needs, wants, and find a bike that fits your budget.

Buy eBikes with Yamaha Motors


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