BESV TRS2 AM Closeout

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Streamlined. Swift. Enduring.

The BESV TRS2 AM features an integrated powertube design that perfectly fits the streamlined frame and keeps a professional MTB outline for swift performance. The substantial 504Wh battery power allows riders to enjoy long rides with confidence. The Shimano STEPS system delivers stable, strong and intuitive power assistance. With the TRS2 AM, you can enjoy city or trail rides wherever the road takes you.


Lightweight e-Mountain Bike for Swift Rides

The BESV TRS2 AM's lightweight frame not only provides swift performance but also satisfies MTB users' demands for maximum strength. The frame geometry has been carefully designed for better comfort and safety.
With the TRS2 AM, you can ride with full support and confidence that you will get exactly what you need when you need it.

Strong and Intuitive Shimano STEPS MTB System

Shimano has been a longtime leader in the bicycle industry with Japanese craftsmanship and reliable quality. The TRS2 XC features the Shimano motor, one of the lightest motors on the market, that weighs only 2.8 kilograms and delivers stable, strong and intuitive power.

With the SHIMANO STEPS MTB system, the TRS2 AM features a 70 N.m torque value to create faster and longer rides for the ultimate in fun and freedom.

E-TUBE PROJECT App with Customization, Firmware Updates and Bike Status Self-Diagnosis Functions

The Shimano E-TUBE PROJECT App offers customization functions to match different users' personal riding styles.

The App automatically checks for new firmware each time it is started. In addition, the self-diagnosis function can quickly identify units at issue for precise repairs.

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