Should I Buy an E Bike at Walmart

We’re seeing many customers looking at big box stores like Walmart to buy high-tech equipment like electric bikes. The question is, should you? Setting the politics aside of whether you should support local businesses rather than large corporations, we’re seeing the increased commoditization of many specialized products. More and more companies like Walmart and Amazon are trying to dominate industries like e bikes where people used to buy from local experts.

Buy high-performance e bikes from local shop instead of Walmart. See these amazing Raleigh electric bikes.

There may come a day when you can buy a really high-performance e bike online or at a Walmart. But as specialists in electric bicycle technology, we strongly discourage it. As Bosch certified technicians, we know how challenging it is to repair and maintain electric bikes and their complex motors. Like the modern automotive engine, these power-systems use computer systems that need expert diagnosis when you run into performance problems.

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Work with an E Bike Shop that Does Maintenance

If you buy an electric bicycle at Walmart, who’s going to provide maintenance on this e bike? Who are you going to consult with when you run into problems or repairs, and you ARE going to run into problems with a cheap bike like they sell.

You may look at a bike that costs more than $500 as expensive. You may be thinking back to the first dirt bike you bought as a kid that cost you a $100 and that may be your frame of reference when it comes to bicycles. But you probably shouldn’t spend less than $2,000 dollars on a high-quality electric bicycle. Any less than that, unless you’re getting a killer deal on an e bike on sale, should cause you serious pause. You have to question whether you’re getting an electric bike that will do what you think it will.

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Even Buying from a Traditional Bike Shop Is a Risk

You’d think that buying an e bike from a Trek or Specialized bike shop would be a safe choice. But local bike shops that don’t sell a lot of electric bikes with motors just don’t know a ton about diagnosing and maintaining the power-systems. They’re going to have a small selection, and you may end up with a bicycle that doesn’t quite fit your needs.

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Have an Amazing Experience with an Electric Bike

Don’t buy from Walmart! Buy from local e bike shop, which sells high-performance Haibike, like High Country E Bikes.

Too often people buy cheap e bikes online or a Walmart and they don’t have the kind of amazing experience they’re expecting. We get it. You don’t want to spend a lot of money to test out a new technology. But rather than buying an e bike with poor-quality components from questionable manufacturers, we strongly recommend buying a less expensive model from a top electric bikes brand.

E bike technology may seem new in America. Many consumers are just now learning that these kinds of bike exist. But they’ve been popular in Europe and Asia for a long time. Haibike, the original manufacturer of electric bikes, has been in business for over a two decades, perfecting the technology and building outstanding e bikes that always wow customers.

If you’re going to spend more than a thousand bucks on an e bike, find a model and brand that will make the expense worthwhile.

Buy E Bikes with Local Shop Instead of Walmart

Times may change, but we strongly recommend buying from a local shop that has repair technicians certified in electric bicycle technology. We offer discounted rates for repairs from customers that have bought from us. And only repair and maintain brands that we understand and have experience with.

Because of this, we strongly recommend working with a local electric-boosted bike company like High Country E Bikes in the Salt Lake City area instead of buying at Walmart.