Kurtis Downs Sponsored Pro Rider for High Country E Bikes

Meet Kurtis Downs, our sponsored professional rider for High Country E Bikes. He’s been blowing the roof off what traditional riders would expect from an electric mountain bike.

Kurtis Downs is an X Games and Nitro Circus professional rider. He grew up riding Moto and became famous for BMX riding. He’s become a sponsored rider for High Country E Bikes. Here he’s riding a Haibike AllMtn 8.0 in Utah.

Kurtis is a professional athlete who travels the world performing in live shows. He competes in the most prominent action sports competitions like Nitro Circus and the X Games.

Kurtis Downs Riding History

25-year-old Kurtis Downs grew up in Firth, Idaho. He rode dirt bikes and Moto around his small town. In 2010, he received his first BMX-style bike. He learned the new sport very quickly, entering Nitro Circus Live in 2013. He has been traveling the world ever since, amazing audiences with his spectacular skills.

In 2016 he placed 2nd in the world for Nitro Circus World games BMX Biggest Air.

World’s First BMX 360 Superman Indian Air – Kurtis Downs

A year later in 2017, Kurtis got invited to X Games Big Air, placing 3rd his rookie year.

Kurtis Downs wins BMX Big Air bronze | X Games Minneapolis 2017


2018 is going to be a big year for Kurtis with over 40 Nitro Circus shows scheduled.

Kurtis will also be competing in the Nitro Circus World Games event, and two X Games Big Air events.

Riding E Bikes

We’re so psyched to have Kurtis riding our e bikes out on the mountain. And we do mean “mountain.” He doesn’t even like riding on traditional trails. He looks for the deer tracks and rides straight up and down the slopes.

He’ll tell you if you’re lucky enough to run into him out there having the time of his life–everything is better on an off-road e bike!

Right now, we have him riding several top-of-the-line electric mountain bikes:

2017 Haibike AllMtn 6.5

iZip E3 Sumo | Fat Tire E Bike

Most hunters can’t do this with a fat tire e bike, but a pro rider can. That doesn’t stop the average rider from loving the iZip E3 Sumo.

Hunters love this fat tire electric bike by iZip. You save quite a bit of money without shocks. You’ll find you don’t need as much suspension with fat tires.

Kurtis likes to ride without shocks due to his history on BMX. We sell a lot of these e bikes. At just under $3,000, you can’t beat the price on this Bosch-powered electric fat tire bike.

iZip E3 Peak DS | All-Mountain Style Electric Bike

The new E3 Peak DS is fantastic. And Kurtis is giving this highly responsive, full suspension, 6061 aluminum alloy frame the ride of its life. And he’s making full use of the plus size tires, riding up and down the hardest mountains without a fuss.

For those who want to be able to ride all-mountain-style, at a reasonable price, choosing this iZip model is a brilliant choice.


Haibike XDURO AllMtn 8.0 |New PW-X Motor

Kurtis Downs on Instagram, riding the Haibike AllMtn 8.0.

The cream of the crop for all-mountain riding comes from the AllMtn lineup by Haibike. We had to put Kurtis out on the 2018 XDURO AllMtn 8.0, with the new PW-X motor by Yamaha. He’s putting his Moto-skills to use riding at top speed up, and down any hill, the Utah mountains can throw at him.

We sell a lot of this series to our many Utah customers. But few realize just what their e bikes can do until they see Kurtis Downs riding it.

The Personal Info of Kurtis Downs

  • Date of Birth: 3/25/92
  • Hometown: Firth, ID
  • Height: 5’ 3”
  • Weight: 130
  • Shoe Size: 6.5
  • Job Description: Nitro Circus and X Games Professional Athlete
  • Sponsors: KHE & High Country E Bikes
  • Year Started Riding Professionally: 2010
  • Bike Weight: 20.00
  • Injuries: A broken collarbone & right leg
  • Favorite Spots to Ride: Franklin Farm, backyard ramps, Oakley skatepark, Utah mountain deer trails.
  • Favorite High Country E Bikes Products: All-mountain-style e bikes
  • Favorite Food: Chipotle Mexican Food, pasta, and hamburgers.
  • Favorite Places to Travel: Japan, South Africa, and New Zealand
  • Favorite Bands: Bliss n Eso, Rise Against, Classified
  • Favorite Books: Catching the Sky
  • Favorite Movies: Out Cold, Billy Madison
  • Favorite things to do besides BMX: Riding Moto, shooting bows, electric mountain bikes, and camping
  • Website: KurtisDowns.com
  • Instagram: instagram.com/kurtisdowns
Kurtis Downs in front of High Country E Bikes in West Jordan, Utah.

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