Should I Buy an E Bike on Amazon?

So many people love buying on Amazon. Why wouldn’t you? They sell just about everything in the universe. It’s easy. You can get lots of information about lots of products in a quick period of time. And often you can get free-shipping, making the entire purchase-process easy-peasy! But should you buy an e bike on Amazon?

The problem with buying electric bikes online at places like Amazon is that the buying process is too easy. Buying an e bike isn’t like buying many commodities. This is a very specialized purchase. You can get a lot of good information online, but when you buy an electric-boosted bike you are going to need to consult with a real person every once in a while. This is why so many e bike fans shop locally, working with a store like High Country E Bikes when buying electric bicycles.

Don’t Buy Cheap E Bikes

There is a tendency when you’re shopping online to try to find the cheapest option. This can be helpful when you’re buying something you’re going to throw-away next season, like clothes or a phone.

But when you’re making the serious investment into an electric bicycle, you’re not likely going to find anything of high-quality for less than $2,000.

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You Get What You Pay For

We strongly believe that you get what you pay for. The best brands of e bikes are not cheap. But we only carry the top brands of electric bikes because we know we’re going to see you again when it’s time to repair the bicycle. We only sell bikes we can guarantee. We only sell products we believe in.

Online, who knows what you’re buying and who you’re buying from. There are many good products being manufactured in China, but when you’re buying e bikes, you can’t beat German manufacturing technology.

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Work With a Salt Lake City Repair Shop

The big question you have to ask yourself when buying an e bike is this: Who’s going to repair and do maintenance on this? If you buy a cheap electric bicycle on Amazon you’re definitely going to need someone to repair it.

Remember that You’re Going to Actually Ride your E Bike

We’ve seen that people enjoy riding their e bike so much that they actually ride it. It’s not going to sit in the garage. You’re going to be constantly riding it, putting miles on battery, and having fun! Because of that, we find that your electric bike is going to need continued maintenance, even the best brands.

So consider where you’re going to take it for repairs. We give a discounted price for repairs for customers who have bought the e bike from us.

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Choose a Good Less Expensive Brand

If you’re trying to save money, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a more expensive brand like Haibike, consider buying a model of Magnum Bikes, a local Salt Lake City brand, with pretty good components and high-performance features.

We sell a lot of Magnum Bikes and we’ve seen a lot of happy customers, able to buy an electric bike, without needing a second mortgage to afford it.

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Don’t Buy E Bikes from Amazon

So keep watching movies on Amazon. But don’t buy high-performance electric bicycles on that online platform. Buy from your local Salt Lake City e bike shop.