What Are the Speeds of Electric Bicycles?

Electric Bicycles vary in speed depending on whether they use a throttle or pedal-assist. Sometimes there’s a fear that e bikes are too fast. But it really depends on the type of electric-powered bike that you’ve chosen.

Electric road bikes can go as fast as 20-mph on the street. You don’t need to worry about the speed of many road e bikes. Some have faster modes where you should be careful where you ride.

If you’re worried about going too fast, you can always purchase a slower e bike. Kids e bikes can’t go any faster than 15-mph. And most adult electric bicycles can go a maximum speed of about 20-mph.

Speed Laws of E Bicycles

By law, bicycles aren’t allowed to go more than 20 mph. Because of this, most e bikes are manufactured to max out at about that speed.

Some e bikes can go faster than 20-mph. We will warn customers when an electric bicycle goes faster than what is street-legal. Many riders will take their fast e bike off-road, or onto a dirt road where traffic laws don’t apply.

Learn about the FASTEST e bikes on the market.

Buy an Electric Bike that Goes the Speed You’re Most Comfortable With

Off-Road E Bikes can go faster than bikes on the street that must follow traffic regulations.

Whether you’re looking for a speedy electric bike, or you want one of the many street-legal electric bicycles, we can find the right model and brand for you. 

The strength of the motor is something to consider when buying an electric bicycle. LEARN MORE about e bike power-systems.

Best Selection of E Bikes

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