Our Popular Salt Lake City Utah Shop is Officially Certified to Repair and Maintain the Top-Rated Bosch Electric Drive Systems

High Country E Bikes is one of the very few electric bike shops in Salt Lake City that is certified to repair Bosch Drive Systems. These are high-quality motors designed for Felt, iZip, Yuba, and Haibike e bikes.


Bosch motors use torque sensors, which gives you a lot more advanced pedal-assist than a lot of other drive-systems on the market. It will give the precise amount of boost that you need in most conditions.

High Country E Bikes sells and repairs electric bikes with Bosch Motor Drive Systems. We are “Bosch Certified Technicians.”

Certified Bosch Technicians

We invested in the training directly from Bosch and are certified to give you the best service, whether you have questions when buying an electric bike from us, or you need repairs or maintenance.

You may see electric bikes sold at your everyday local bike shop, but they will not likely have the kind of experience you need to diagnose and repair e bikes. Bosch uses a USB diagnostics socket, which allows dealers to analyze the motor’s usage and is upgradeable as Bosch makes innovations in their software.

Buy an e bike from a certified dealer that fully understands the bicycles, motors, and computer-systems that they sell, provide you the high-tech riding experience you want when you buy an electric bicycle.

LEARN MORE about Bosch Electric Bike Drive-Systems HERE


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